Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Al Qaeda could do this if US pulls out of Afghanistan: Gen. Keane

Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) discusses the Hong Kong protests and what may happen if the U.S. completely leaves Afghanistan.

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  1. The US FORCES need to leave Afghanistan. It's all about my tax paying dollars funding another Cold War. This time there are no documented casualties. Just Govt propaganda.

    and of COURSE,…i did served….IT'S TIME TO BRING THEM BACK.

  3. Freedom Fighters fight for Hong Kong Freedom. Arrest treason Carrie Lam and Yang Quan to save Hong Kong.

  4. And the CIA would lose all those cute little poppys

  5. We can't stay there forever.Its been over 15 years . Time to leave and use smart bombs and spys on the ground. Lets go now. Mattis is a great guy but this can be managed from the air with the drone technology we have now. There has to be an end game.

  6. capt. bone spurs wants to surrender to the taliban.

  7. Are people Just Stupid? They will do exactly That!!! We are Infidels! WTF

  8. don’t repeat the same mistake that Obama made be very careful very careful

  9. So, how many years do we need to stay Keane…25….30? 19 years is quite long enough. That is enough of the blood of our young men and women and way beyond enough money for these 9th century throwbacks.

  10. So the only place al Queda can plan to attack America is Afghanistan? Can't one of these reporters ever ask a sensible question?

  11. We have made deals with the Taliban. It’s all better for our future when the Yankees go back home. So get out so our government can work to our future and put this game behind us. Thanks

  12. What happened to the dictum 'the US doesn't negotiate with terrorist?'
    Apparently, no longer exists (with Trump anyway).
    As the Taliban keeps blowing Afghanistan up, Trump keeps saying how happy he is with the deal he is making with them.
    Innocent people dying, NATO Troops slaughtered, and he's happy.
    I guess there's something bad wrong with America because it's getting to the point where we don't know what we stand for anymore!
    And Gen.Mattis is right:
    We leave now, the Taliban will defeat the Government, the Country will be thrown into chaos.
    So the last 20 years will basically be for nothing!

  13. Ilan Omar & Rashida Taliban support Al Qaeda!

  14. Either you're in or you're out it's a lifetime commitment

  15. Afghanistan and the Middle East is stilled filled with hundreds of thousands of terrorist

  16. Wtf? Give them money. take em out already.

  17. We can't leave and we accept that it keeps us safe

  18. It will get that way here soon. Fast and good as Trump is….not enough. People will not wait years for factories to build….etc. tick tock
    I want my money back.

  19. As a combat Marine veteran it is past due for our forces to withdraw from these countries being the police force for these countries does nothing wasteful spending

  20. Why does the left and the right want perpetual war? Most Americans want out and Trump want us out. GTFO

  21. We should pull out 100%, then glass the place. Change my mind.

  22. If you desire war on American soil, sure, "bring all the troops home" and "close all the bases around the world." Maybe we can give Putin a green light to rebuild the missile bases in Cuba, too.

    Ask the Europeans– and Russians for that matter– how joyous it is to have war on your own soil. You think we'll lose fewer soldiers that way? Imbeciles.

  23. the taliban has won the war and we need to leave

  24. WAr mongering Weapon sellers

  25. "You don't argue with a lion when he has your head is in his mouth", well smart people would disagree 😂

  26. Why are the cops always attacking people

  27. Afghani people have a saying. You got the clocks. We've got the time.

  28. This might be America if these looney liberals keep getting elected to office

  29. The Democrats want heroin,Afghanistan has got it,get out of there.

  30. We don't need to be in the Middle East. The US is now energy independent. Let the Muslims go back to killing each other like they have for 700yrs straight. Let Israel fight it's own battles. We wasted $7 trillion over there with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show for it except more National Debt.

  31. France want to give 15 billion dollars to Iran? I am Dutch, so I am a “lucky” citizen of the f……. money wasting machine, that is called EU.
    The southern and easter countries in the EU, especially France, is financially dependant and thriving on the expence of the north/west richer countries of the EU. France and Germany are calling the shots for the rest of the EU. England (besides the english lefties and elite politicians ofcourse) was fat up of that situation and rightly want to step out.
    Anyway, France wants to give 15 billions of dollars to Iran. I can guarentee you, that this is not their own money. Those money sucking French (supported by their little buddy, shaky Angela Merkel) will grab this money out of the pockets from the richer north/western EU countries, like The Netherlands. So in other words, me!!!! Besides that, France is crossing right through the boycot from the USA! Why? Because France still thinks their “Napoleon” days aren’t over and tries to be the “trendsetter” of the western world, by derailing the USA. The French suckers keep forgetting all the time they lost all the great wars, against England, Germany, Russia in the past😂

  32. We will never leave the middle east, we will have to be there forever.

  33. Not our problem, we have much more to worry about

  34. USA is world police and does policing job and paid nothing!

  35. Please give this general billions he needs the money for an operation doctors say he is full of B S.

  36. China is naive. You give them 1 they will ask 2. China should either pay the price of unity or pay the price of secession later.

  37. What kind of military strategy is that, men who fight together as brothers in arms for almost 3 decades to go after each other, what kind of brainless bafoons coming up with these strategies? They should be shot.



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