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Alex Trebek done with chemo, back on 'Jeopardy!' | ABC News

Former “Jeopardy!” champions spoke out about the news Trebek had completed chemotherapy after a diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

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  1. Most people with his type and stage of cancer are dead within months. The fact that he is not only alive, but doing well today makes him a walking miracle. What happened to Patrick Swayze is sadly more common.

  2. Literally working this guy until death.
    I guess whatever works. But I don't think a lot of these people care. If you're doing something for them then they care. Once you pass they are on to idolizing the next host who makes them money. This goes for most of them.
    I think living is more important, spending time with family. If you're working to the end I think you haven't managed your time on earth wisely because you essentially spent more time with your work than your family.

  3. I heard Alex is hosting the next debates. They will have those flaming hoops to jump through and all will win a prize.

  4. Unfortunately, he still has cancer, either the original cells floating around, or a new one caused by the chemo. Unless he continues with cannabis chemo, it will pop up again. Plus it can help treat his medical abuse by conventional chemo – "Barbaric!" as Dr. Bones McCoy would say.

  5. His strong will and positive spirit will take him far! I wish him well and God's blessing over his life🙏🏽

  6. God bless 🙏 my grandfather had that but passed away.

  7. Thank you ABC news I appreciate it you got to believe in yourself

  8. The wig looks very realistic. I’m glad Alex is better, I hope it stays away. If you’ve never been effected by cancer yourself or someone around you, consider yourself lucky. Cancer really sucks.

  9. Beloved by nerds the world over. Alex Trebek #TrueJeopardyChampion ✨🤓

  10. Millions and millions of prayers were sent out.

    Someone heard us 🙃

  11. Never liked Alex. He always gave me the impression he knows the answers himself. But, this man fought a tremendous battle, and things are looking much better for him and his family. Good for him. Maybe he does have some answers himself.

  12. He must be on them experimental drugs man.


  14. I watched an interview with him and I was so impressed! If Alex has received this blessing it is because of his deep humility and gratitude. Both of those virtues were immediately apparent during the interview in which he told the audience he had pancreatic cancer. I wish him all of the best and a continued miracle!!

  15. Much hair?
    My father in law died
    He was diagnosed about the same time.

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