Saturday , February 27 2021
Home / News / Alibaba stocks climb as Jack Ma makes first appearance in months

Alibaba stocks climb as Jack Ma makes first appearance in months

Alibaba stocks climb as billionaire Jack Ma makes first appearance in months.

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  1. Of course it will joe China’s business partner is in office.

  2. I am just happy he’s alive

  3. Probably shorted his position in his Alibaba holdings before he went missing. Closed out his position and made a fortune. Went long on his holdings just before he reappeared and made another fortune. Fast money.

  4. ဆင်းရဲ့သားတွေငွေမမြင်လို့ချီးပုံတွေ့နေသာပဲ

  5. ဂျက်မားမင်ကျရုံးသာငါတို့ဘာဆိုင်လို့လဲ

  6. CCP finished he reprogramming.

  7. Now,run out and buy some Chinese junk.

  8. So he is owned by china now? Shouldn't he be a hero to u idiots? Do yall even logic?

  9. Yesssssss n he has proof Biden cheated

  10. Jack Ma not getting any credit for standing up to CCP, here in the comments section. Isn't it what all you Fox viewers want?… someone who stands up to China?

  11. I love the way Wikipedia's POTUS page no longers shows Trump as
    President. For those who said Biden will never be President 😭😜😝🤧😁

  12. Wait until we find out that's a clone

  13. Crooks already coming out of their closets as Xijinping takes the WH

  14. Well, did he explain where he’s been or what?!

    Why a useless report.


  16. Stocks rose Wednesday, extending Tuesday’s advances as investors looked ahead to the first actions of the incoming Biden administration. Each of the three major indexes rose from Dow Jones Industrial , and both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq gained 1.5% and now 2.1%, respectively, to hit record intraday highs. Shares of Netflix (NFLX) spiked up to 17% after the company added more users and surpassed 200 million paid subscribers for the first time ever. According to Popular Stock analyst Dr Rodrick Jonathan Investors are currently operating in a complicated environment, the economy remains quite mixed this week will be very volatile for stock price because of the politically and economically activities as The 59th Presidential Inauguration was held today, so Dr Rodrick warns new stock buyers to be careful as the picture is not clear yet and for now you can only make profit by trading your stock with a strategy, i was able to make $40,000 with $10,000 in 3 weeks with his stock trading strategy, reach him on telegram Rodrickjonathan or WhatsApp +1(660)474-0030,

  17. This guy's probably a double his face looks wider across the mouth area , fundamental theorem of communism lie and decieve and if they doesn't work violence

  18. Communist and genocidal dictators in China that make people "disappear"; communist dictators and fascists in the deep state [here] that steal/rig elections and use the intelligence agencies as their hit squad …. And things are not going to get much better under this illegitimate president, either…

  19. Hunter Biden released him after the stock options were transferred Mission Impossible 2 style


  21. trump can't get him now.

  22. Strange coincidence, same time as when Biden enters the White House….

  23. hahahahaha I bet their stocks went up after Biden went into office!

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