Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Alien seekers join forces to 'storm Area 51' together | USA TODAY

Alien seekers want to ‘storm Area 51’ together.

Area 51 is a highly classified Air Force Facility rumored to be the government’s hiding place for secrets about aliens and UFOs.

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  1. Are there really going to be over a million people there, I doubt anyone will actually show up

  2. Bring guns and shoot back. Any show up and you know the military is going to escalate it, so best be prepared. Theyre more likely to shoot if they know they won't get return fire — they aint totally bulletproof! We have more guns and ammo than any single instance of the military. Countries don't invade the U.S. because we have an armed citizenry that outnumbers our own military!!

    1,000 people doing it is idiotic. 100,000 people doing it is real fuckin progress. Raid it, trash it, burn it, go underground, shoot back!! The brits ran into a similar problem with Americans. 75% of your tax money is secretly for the military, and the aliens AND the governments are withholding technology to maintain their own power.

  3. As an MP on that base i would do my sworn duty without the slightest hesitation ! Just goes to show you the real influence TV has on the public mind, and P.T. was correct there is a sucker born every minute !

  4. Free the space alien babies in cages at Area 51! The speciesist Air Force, led by the Nazi Donald Trump, is keeping space alien babies in cages underground at Area 51! They're doing experiments on them! The space aliens want to be our friends, but that Nazi Trump won't let us even meet them! He has no right to put the space alien babies in cages! We must free the space alien babies! The fascist Air Force won't be able to stop us! Free the caged space alien babies! On September 20, Storm Area 51!

  5. That will be natural selection at work

  6. Even if some do storm it.. by you announcing it gave them plenty of time to move whatever they had in there if needed anyways-.- it's all about the element of surprise guys.. come on lol nice thought tho

  7. Bro I really wanna go blow some shit up I've got recipes for C4 that throw up gas and all types of small explosive not to mention automatic assault rifles 223's AR an AKs ready to go we could actually do that shit

  8. Our US border is wide open but area 51 is secure? deadly force allowed at area 51 but not at our borders? Military secrets paid for by US citizens are more important than the lives of US citizens? So what our government is saying is: Some borders will be secure… hmmm

  9. NO ONE is getting past them, they will kill you and turn you into shreds. Your not getting past them, and what do you mean free them their already preserved and dead..

  10. Damn it, I really wanted to storm Area 51 screaming where's the aliens while opening doors trying to find them, and set them free

  11. I'm going with a bunch of friends

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