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All 3 men found guilty of murder in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Travis McMichael, George McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan were convicted of murder in the death of Ahmaud Arbery, who was fatally shot in February 2020.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I can hardly believe these clowns actually thought they were going back home.

  2. Low-life racists got what they deserve.

  3. A Cold blooded execution by these pecker heads simply because they are racist horrible peoples!! I would support the death penalty however since this isent a pre-meditated murder or at least the evidence never supported that this seemed like a killing of opportunity for them! And it is hard to get the death penalty unless it’s premeditated or children have been victimized! But life in prison ill take it!! I just hope they house them in general population and no protective custody B.S!

  4. Unfortunately there are many k. K. K. Supremacists out there…
    Writtenhouse is the same case

  5. That reporter looks like Steve Nash

  6. These murderers were not sorry. Thank God Brian was stupid enough to release the video.
    The nail in their coffin. You're only sorry when you're caught.
    Let's just hope you mind your own business in jail.
    Go bully someone in don't forget to drop the soap

  7. these white boys probably think " ahhh dont worry i am white, i'll get away easily lolzzzzz K K K" , guess far right dont even help their own white fella lolz

  8. "all white jury" why are you making it sound like all white people are the devil…I hate the news stop dividing us we are one people also fk those murderers, people still living in the 1800's

  9. "when you present the truth the the jury and they see it…." that means if the jury don't see your truth, then you're fucked.

  10. The jury did their job well, just like the other jury in the Rittenhouse case. The facts of the cases led to proper results. But that won't stop people ignorantly equating the two cases. The whining continues.

  11. 👍🏻👏🏼🥂✌🏼🕊

  12. So these men misunderstood America?

    And what are the differences between these white jury who returned this verdict guilty and those white jury who freed rotten house in Wisconsin?

    My high school teacher in Wisconsin many years ago told our class the 4 most racist states in the US are 1, Wisconsin 2, Delaware and I didn’t catch the other two

  13. I’m glad that this young man’s family&friends can receive this closure,that is deserving👏👏👏The footage speaks for itself 😭😞🙁😔☹️.It always will………..

  14. Hope to see the same extensive coverage and public relief when we see Brooks held accountable for his racially motivated massacre.Hope that fits the narrative ya'll!

  15. What happened to the media and talking heads saying that this is a failed system built on white supremacy? How come these men didn't walk free?
    I'm surprised that ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, etc… are even reporting on this because it doesn't fit the narrative they are always pushing. Oh! That's right. It's because it's white men who killed a black man. So it does kinda fit their propaganda machine fabrications.
    But if America is a bunch of white supremacists and the laws only work for whitey then how come these guys are guilty of murder?
    You all are such lying hypocrites. All mainstream media news corporate sellout channels should be shut down for treason and for insighting racial divide and being accessories to murder and rioting and looting, slander, denying people of fair and honest news stories. You would think the news outlets would want to keep the 1st amendment in tact but they don't seem to care about the Constitution or the rights of the citizens of this country.

  16. “Citizen’s arrest?”Huh,well,since I was born&raised in the South-that ain’t no “citizen’s arrest “ That was LYNCH MOBBING at this upmost disgusting,murder scene !!!!!Wtf was that all about??Are we in 2021 or 1950????This is to show us all that this was common,not too long ago&It occurs ,still…….Under the same guises such as “citizen’s arrests .“aka excuse for killing another human being in cold,cold blood for being African American.In a country where they’re ancestors were brought as slaves ,over here ,by the slave owners of this country!!!⛓⛓⛓😾😾😾😾

  17. Travis, Greggy, Roddy………………… Happy Thanksgiving you RACIST sKKKumbags! Enjoy your meal!

  18. Why bring race into this story? This is just 3 a holes committing murder. Just like the guy that plowed through 60 people. He committed murder ! That’s ALL.

  19. wow how many race drops here….thank you for trying to divide america even further ABC. disgusting disgrace….RIP to young man . awful. ….but ABC is literally a joke

  20. Justice is really served, shame for Pakistani “Justice” system

  21. People in the comments stay bringing up Rittenhouse anytime someone celebrates these 3 being convicted 😂

  22. Good!! 💯 hope this is jus the beginning for them. They will have complete hell in prison and that's not enough. F em

  23. Sorry but the guy shouldn't have been walking around that construction site looking like he was trying to steal. It obviously attracted some psychos who were willing to kill.

  24. PRAISE GOD ….HE said touch not my anointed do my prophet no harm ….BLACK is KING

  25. I don't think this trial was as cut and dry as people were lead to believe from media coverage. I think the result was correct but the political framing this as a race motivated lynch mob isn't even close to reality. Simply a case of unprivileged use of force as determined by the jury. The law left a lot to interpretation so I could see how this could have gone either way since a jury isn't a group of legal scholars.

  26. Oops. They effed up. White guys can't lynch in GA anymore.

  27. I just don’t get why one didn’t say “hey we might get locked up for this. Let’s go get a beer. Leave him alone.”

  28. Now let’s get Hannah Payne convicted 🙏

  29. And they have the fucking balls to make thad stupid sad face like if someone is gonna feel bad for them

  30. You know it is bulllshit when you have to hide the dislikes

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