Almost $50B in COVID bailouts 'didn't even stimulate the American economy:' Stephen Moore

Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo. and former economic advisor to President Trump Stephen Moore on fraudulent pandemic government payouts on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness #TheEveningEdit

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  1. Do You Know How Much Money Laundering Is Going On In Ukraine ⁉️ America These Traitors Are Robbing Us Blind

  2. This Administration Has To Be Held Accountable For Their Actions 💯 This is No Coincidence Folks

  3. We Are Being Played America 🥂 This Administration is Robbing Taxpayers Blind 💯✔️🤬 Wake Up People

  4. None of these stimulus policies have ever trickled down very far from kmbanksters wallets and their W€Facareer politicians ….

  5. Probably because they didn't use it yet or right!

  6. 50 billion dollars and maybe 23 million dollars went to real Americans thank Comrades biden and Harris ,voting for socialist democrats is like handing over your children's future and safeties to pedophiles, don't trust little girl smelling old man and a unqualified mixed grade 3 idiot Harris

  7. All talk — never any action or consequences … typical of the SWAMP .. gets old !

  8. You would think that “journalists” would know it is “dire straits”. Remember that these people went to college for this, and were somehow so stupid they managed not to learn how to spell (or use grammar check) in 16 years of school.

  9. Eighteen billionaires and 250 millionaires got stimulus checks in the U.S. Inmates (I'm guessing ALL OF THEM) got checks. I'm on Social security disability, the pandemic didn't interrupt my money situation so I couldn't understand why I was getting the stimulus, but I accepted it. What was I going to say, no? I heard people were getting paid MORE on unemployment than they were actually making WHEN THEY WERE WORKING.

  10. The Democrats organized the bills so they could steal as much as they want, anybody that resists transparency in safeguards intends to steal, we should have never passed the bill I'm sorry for it because they stole so much money out of it and they stole money out of every one of the bills and now they refuse to be transparent

  11. It's pure thievery , 21 yrs ago these Elites robbed Americans into Recession and it's happening again , last time they used Bush's War to fill their bank accounts , now they're using the Pandimic to keep themselves Wealthy !

  12. Because everybody that was getting that free money was out there buying Percocets and fentanyl instead of department store crap. Thanks to the kid sniffer regime letting drugs come across our border Mexican cartels got most of that 50 billion

  13. Nobody can become financially successful over night. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals


  15. That’s because of the corruption most of it was scammed

  16. $86 billion to bail out Pensions from unions

  17. In 2023, Republicans should NOT fund the bill to pay for the 87k IRS agents! They should all just draw a SAD😢 face on the bill and send it back to Biden!

  18. The gov't thinks it's an ATM. Dispensing money like Niagara Falls flowing out to the Atlantic Ocean.

  19. Forgiveness is a healing for the soul. Love is like the gates called beautiful full of mercy

  20. There are things that all these so called smart people don't discuss

    Alot of food like cereal, chips,beans ,sugar etc that were a certain weight became lighter but sold for same price.

    So you were getting less and less..but then the price for everything went up and up.

    It's all smoke and mirrors and we the people are getting screwed

  21. from. adam schif…to
    biden…etc……democratts. are stay. out. of. jail.

  22. The left needs the money of these corupt bills their ramed thu congress .greed and buy off those that will help them control votes in the midterms.