Saturday , July 24 2021
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ALPINE ADVENTURE in MORZINE! | Fashion Mumblr Travel Vlog

Join me and my friends in beautiful Morzine in the French Alps, for an Alpine Adventure!!!

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  1. wow, your very humble and not narcissistic which is pretty weird to found in youtube. I love your naturality and your freshness this vlogs are trully enjoyable, im subscribing!

  2. what a beautiful fun filled video thank you so much for sharing . I so loved the mountains as well & the tingling of the cow bells

  3. You guys are so kind to take us along on this amazing adventure. Thank you

  4. all that fur on the chairs is discusting

  5. Well, the best part is where you sing!!! I loved it!!

  6. Love the cows with their bells on along with the goat. The animals look like they are having a good time hanging out with their cow crew chewing the cud!

  7. Ah just watched this. Been to morzine 5 times skiing. Lovely area. Not been in the summer though so may give it a go

  8. That was so beautiful and inspiring, love it 😍😍😍

  9. Nice please do more vlogs like this

  10. Wow what am amazing place! I can't get over the view from that terrace. Must I'm slightly jelly. Wish I was there 😁You've been getting around this summer

  11. what boots were you wearing in the challenge land? LL Bean?
    Also at 1500 m there is perfectly enough oxygen trust me, I'am a hiker. You're just not used to hiking that's all. Wonderful video though.

  12. ugh another rich people showing their stuff to the poor.

  13. so happy i have discovered you! obsessed. spending my monday morning binge watching all your videos! x

  14. This place looks unreal! You are very lucky to visit such fabulous places. The decor is so on point and that view…😍

  15. Wow!What a beautiful escape in Morzine!
    Love the Alps.
    Thanks for sharing, great adventure.

  16. WOW, that place looks stunning! Beautiful vlog as always! It seems you had a really great time! And wow, it was raining a lot!

  17. I usually don't comment on videos but I have to say Wow what an amazing travel vlog! I really enjoy all your videos an keep up the good work! xo

  18. what a beautiful place. Luv ur accent !!

  19. This woman is truly beautiful.

  20. I've skied there! It's amazing!🤘🏼

  21. This looks like such a great getaway place, the lodge looked lovely too! x

  22. hi where is your t shirt from please ? x

  23. Josie this vlog was fantastic! I LOVE the Alps <3 Since I was a little girl my family and I have always spent the summer holidays in Trentino Alto Adige (Italy) . Unforrtunately I haven't been back there in 3 years and watching your vlog made me relive lots of memories. The places look so similar 🙂 Thank you !!!! 😀

  24. You have a lot of talent. I love it!!

  25. I am literally waiting for your videos 😍😍 So in love with your channel !!

  26. Love all of your videos, I discovered your channel in December and am so pleased to see how well you are doing, all of your videos are so well put together. You have inspired me to start my own channel – even though I have no idea about filming and editing! xx

  27. Wonderful vlog! Everything's so beautiful! I haven't been to mountains for a long time and you reminded me how much I like them.

  28. Such an amazing video ! Xx it looks incredible x

  29. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing time. Thank you for sharing!

  30. Wow what an amazing travel vlog. Such a beautiful place!

  31. If you are looking for a new place to take an adventure, I would highly request going to Punta del Este Uruguay! I go there once a year and I always seem to find new hidden gems. ALSO i'm head over heels in love with your channel <3 🙂

  32. Another beautiful travel vlog from you, thanks for sharing! Amazing scenery and also, how beautiful was that kitchen table in the chalet!


  34. This was so amazing to watch. I really want to visit the French Alps in the summer now! All the hiking looked like fun.

  35. everything in that place looks stunning

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