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ALS patients share about their life 5 years after 'Ice Bucket Challenge': Part 1 I Nightline

Motocross dad Thurman Maynard, former undercover cop Sarah Olsen and Pete Frates, who helped launch the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” share their stories of hope, treatment and ongoing battles with ALS.


ALSO AVAILABLE ON HULU: https://hulu.tv/2wSmSrZ

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  1. My heart is with you all going through this devestating disease I lost my husband to this brutal disease

  2. Wow that police officer’s ex-husband was a real pos. Thank God she’s found someone who really loves her.

  3. That Sarah, bless that amazing gal. I have never seen someone so strong.

  4. ALS is a very cruel and devastating disease. You have to be willing to fight it everyday. It is a death sentence no one should ever get. So much anger, frustration and many pity parties. If you do not have someone there for you through the whole traumatic ordeal then I just couldn't imagine. You just never know what life will hand you. I have been told that only the healthiest people get it. Now even the very young are getting it. Vets and the #1 people that get ALS.

  5. Only the rich will be able to afford stem cell treatment, insurance doesn’t cover “experimental” treatments and in clinical trials you don’t know if you’re getting the medicine or the placebo.

  6. my husband has ASL. he is just to a point he has started useing a cane. He is really takeing it better then I am

  7. Lonnie is my hero as well, God bless you guys.

  8. How could people dumping icewater over their heads help anyone, let alone ALS SUFFERERS?? PLEASE TELL ME, its confusing anf frustrating.

  9. What a blessing God is awesome

  10. What a wonderful husband Sarah has. God bless them.

  11. I am so proud of this lady, her husband and the coworkers who are trying to help. But her husband probably needs more help…it has to be hard working nights and then come home to take care of her.

  12. You have the best man right there!!!

  13. I hope they find a cure. I hope they get better and recover. I hope these families get better 🙏

  14. When I was a CNA, there was a resident who had ALS. It’s horrible. You’re a prisoner of your own body. I remember some nurses saying how needy he was, always hitting the call light..I’m like, wouldn’t you? The Anxiety, pain, boredom, depression. Can’t get up and go. Most healthy people take so much for granted. Independence stripped away. Awful and torturous. For me personally I’d be most definitely be a DNR and looking for the right to die doctors in Europe. We need a cure for this disease so people wouldn’t have those thoughts or feelings and so can live their life!

  15. Pray for these people. Seeing them fighting everyday is inspiring.

  16. Remember the ice bucket challege and all the people that didnt donate to ALS which was the whole point of the challenge, good times.

  17. Let's get it to everyone now 👍

  18. Don't you know that stem cells come from the brain stems of aborted babies? Oh, It's not true? Well I am still not going to get my kids vaccinated so, I WIN!!

  19. I was raised by my grandmother who passed away because of ALS. Tomorrow would have been her 89th birthday. What a great gift this is. I hope a complete cure is on the horizon.

  20. I'm 28 an didn't know about this illness. Us people that are healthy are so lucky. My God can't breathe? I would rather die than struggle to breathe. That is scary

  21. Why does she have to give up her breathing machine in order to be apart of the clinical trials?

    The stems cells seem to be working for the other guy.

    Prayers go out to everyone diagnosed with ALS..

    If you’re reading this god bless you❤️

  22. I 100% believe there are drug to cure all disease but with cure comes millions and millioms of lost jobs which isn't good at all for the economy and essentially the entire world

  23. They need to make stem cell available asap for everyone and for every dasiese it can cure.

  24. The officer is so AMAZING! And all those who donated to her their sick days

  25. Dr Joel Wallach, Dead Drs tell no lies author, 12 eggs a day will heal ALS, MS, Parkinsons.

  26. The Ice bucket challenge was a satanic ritual lol na idk

  27. My heart is overflowing ♥️

  28. Most of these new illnesses are caused by chemtrails and GMO food the elite want to wipe most of us out so where easy to manage and robots are replacing everything the great culling is in the opening phases ya'll better listen up and get WOKE before it's to late!!

  29. My stepfather was diagnosed with ALS in 2009, died in 2010. The disease progressed so fast. One day he was shuffling to walk, then in a wheelchair, then couldn't talk, by the time we had him measured for a wheelchair, he couldn't even use it. It was devastating to everyone to watch someone die. The diagnosis naturally sparked a depression and then anger then acceptance. If there is a treatment, that's so incredibly wonderful. Best of luck to all involved.

  30. Wow what an amazing guy to take care of her like that. That is true love!

  31. You have to start living your life and not taking it for granted, tell the people you love that you love them and hug them regularly.

  32. You can bet if the corporations can make money from supressing information they will try.

  33. And why are stem cells illegal again?

  34. Wow she found a new man in her condition….

  35. Wow these patients fight so hard everyday. They deserve a cure!

  36. Ice bucket challenge I wasn't really for I bet a lot of people did it just for fun without researching the sickness what so ever😒,but at least it gave it some attention.

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