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Aly Raisman gives opening statement in Senate review of Nassar case

“Why did none of these organizations warn anyone” Raisman said.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Qu'elle force pour exprimer deux sens, ce que Larry Nassar a fait aux Filles gymnastes. Le pourquoi de l'autorisation de continuer la pratique de son métier de Médecin kinésithérapeute de l'équipe du Gymnase malgré des témoignages. La mémoire individuelle pratique une auto défense dans la notion d'oublie, de survie quotidienne, pour continuer un métier dans un lieu de travail. La mémoire surgit de nouveau en période d'inactivité ou de solitude. Let her force her to express two senses, which Larry Nassar did at Les Filles gymnasts. The reason for the authorization to continue the practice of his profession of Physiotherapist of the Gymnasium team despite testimonies. Individual memory practices self-defense in the notion of forgetting, of daily survival, to continue a profession in a workplace. Memory arises again in times of inactivity or loneliness.

  2. This is so wrong! We heard the 2015 reports and thought the issue was dealt with. These incompetent people should be jailed!!

  3. Who, What, Why….Secrets, Corruption, Power…FBI 😤

  4. Wow, this young lady hit a home run with her opening statement. There had better be some consequences!!

  5. Aly I admire and thank you for making us all aware how corrupt the FBI can be. Be brave my child and I pray GOD will protect and the other survivors who went through this DISGUSTING ordeal🙏🏾❤️

  6. Why hasn't the FBI or the White House had a response yet?

  7. The Olympics in general needs an overhaul. What once were amateur athletes training and competing, the Olympic games have become a source of revenue at the expense of the world's premier athletes. Network Television has fostered this transformation and exploitation. Primetime TV has been filled with young women competing in sports that exploit their bodies while convincing the viewing audience that it's all in the name of sports and athletism. Where the athletes themselves have achieved some remarkable results, in essence, they are being paid to train and perform for the world's viewing audience. One can see the parallel of The Hunger Games with the international Olympics that now compete every 2 years, Summer and Winter, to keep the relentless revenue stream flowing. My preference would be a 10-year moratorium of the Games where the IOC could be eliminated and then restructured to bring back the spectacle of athleticism without sensationalism of today.

  8. Well the cat’s out of the bad now. Shame on all the people involved in the negligence perpetrated here.

  9. To protect the business of empire.

  10. WTF IS THERE A BOTTLE OF piss on the desk

  11. Larry Nasser is vile. 😡😡😡

  12. i n t e l l e c t w e b s has done it keep it up you are good

  13. Makes sense that she would use the phrase “most basic” considering that’s what she is.

  14. Have to uncover dr Anderson abuse of Michigan football players. Bo schembechler enabled it. They trying to cover it up.

  15. She looks a lot more conservative than the photos of her her showing off her butt in bikinis and nude photos for a magazine.

  16. Now the million dollars question is, what action(s) did the parents take when these victims told them of the sexual abuse/penetration/fondling by the doctor. Did any of the parents contact local LEO, apparently not because the dreams of being an olympian was greater. The female members of my family confided in me that there's always two parties present (one being a female) at their medical exams. How did made Dr Nasser get them one on one?

  17. Wow I love how names were dropped in this case to make aware of the negligence of these people and institutions. I really hope this ladies and all the victims get justice.

  18. Nice waste of government money to hold senate hearings for teens who had sex which they have been doing for thousands of years….how about school debt, homeless, trash problems in inner cities, the environment?

  19. Larry Nassar's wife definitely looks like a Transgender and so does the ex coach of Michigan State , the athletes are also Trans open your Eyes People !

  20. Damn they’re going after the FBI now… That is BOLD!! Good on you ladies!!

  21. Sadly enough just one more proof that justice system doesn't work on politicians, bankers,CIA, FBI and other crooked elites . It is there to suppress victims and trow to jail poor people while real criminals are on Forbes 500 list as most respected citizens and real bosses are never even mentioned anywhere. ( like owners of Federal Reserves that make up money from thin air to lend it with interest)

  22. Those poor young women. They look so scared, traumatized, and beaten down psychologically. I hope they use the settlement money to get the sex therapy and mental health services they will need.🙂

  23. I could've done without the air quotes

  24. This woman is so hot, i mean can you blame Naser?

  25. Ali should either be a lawyer or run for a public position

  26. I absolutely love Aly. She is amazing all around.

  27. This guy was finger blasting girls by the 100s and calling it treatment. How in gods name was he was able to get away with this? Because the federal govt is corrupt and helped cover it up

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