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1) Automatic Rising Gate

2) DynamicGarageDoor

3) Hangar Home Porch with a Unique Schweiss Hydraulic Garage Door Hidden

4) Schweiss Hidden Hydraulic Door

5) Rising Pool Table

6) Bookcase Door with Hidden Lift

7) Murphy Door® hidden playroom

8) Concrete Door

9) Hidden Safe Room

10) hidden basement door


12) Schweiss Hidden Bifold Garage Doors

13) Hidden Garage Gates

14) Cancello a muro


00:00 – Hangar Home Porch with a Schweiss Hydraulic Door
01:02 – Schweiss Hidden Hydraulic Door
01:42 – Concrete Door
02:26 – Rising Pool Table
03:55 – Cancello A Muro
04:27 – Hidden Basement Door
05:09 – DynamicGarageDoor
05:49 – Schweiss Hidden Bifold Garage Doors
06:29 – Murphy Door® hidden playroom
07:51 – Bookcase Door with Hidden Lift
08:33 – Automatic Rising Gate
09:16 – Hidden Safe Room
09:43 – Hidden Garage Gates

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  1. cool designs and engineering. but why would Youtube think I'd sit through a 26 minute commercial about the end of Internet Explorer and how companies can migrate their networks to Edge embedded in a 10 minute?

  2. This video was perfect timing. Right now we are in the process of getting a couple of these things done right now. I won't say which ones except the last one. The front gate is going to rise up. It's more secure and the company stands by their claims of what it would take to drive a vehicle through it. It never made sense to me to have a brick wall completely surrounding our house and property when you could just bust through the gate. Since we are in the process of remodeling our entire house I figured this was a good time to get some things that will set our house apart.

    The one that you showed the safe door to go into a secret room, actually has two of those secret rooms with a safe door as the entry point. That one is also hidden behind a secret panel.

  3. That's mind blowing things…day by day increase our technology and gets so much smarter ..

  4. Hi, Techzone! Hope, my video inspired you to create this one:))Regards.

  5. the slow ones would give me a bad rash.

  6. I show these to my grandma when she falls asleep, better than coffee

  7. Fun fact: you hit the like button before watching this

  8. Awesome space saving ideas! Love the hidden rooms. I actually converted a similar room at home! 😜

  9. Pls do more stuff like that! Never miss the new uploads

  10. Those ramps have to be demo'd by 4×4's because the low sitting car looked like it would bottom out on the transition if the driver wasn't careful.

  11. great videos keep up the great work 🙂

  12. The first video is a little much , pulling out one car.

  13. 💎🇨🇱🇺🇸🌐🇺🇸🇨🇱💎

  14. I love the intro. Soon as I here that distinctive music I start smiling because I know good content is following 👌