Thursday , August 11 2022



1) CanopyStair (Preview)

2) LoftNets (Preview)

3) Modpools

4) Lantern Roof Blinds

5) VELUX Sun Tunnel

6) Bioclimatic Pergola

7) Laundry Jet

8) Bed Up Down

9) DryAway

10) Mobili Trasformabili: Ness credenza con tavolo

11) StyleOUT

12) Ori Pocket Studio

13) Alukov Garden Pod

14) Mirror Digital Doppio

00:00 – VELUX Sun Tunnel
00:57 – Laundry Jet
01:53 – Lantern Roof Blinds
02:38 – DryAway
03:21 – Bioclimatic Pergola
04:08 – Alukov Garden Pod
04:53 – Modpools
05:37 – Mobili Trasformabili: Ness credenza con tavolo
06:14 – StyleOUT
06:55 – Ori Pocket Studio
07:48 – Mirror Digital Doppio
08:19 – LoftNets
09:13 – Bed Up Down
10:05 – CanopyStair

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  1. These are always so expensive but fun to discover. plus i can steal the ideas as long i only make it for myself 😜

  2. So this is how the rich people live

  3. 10 minutes of useless crap!

  4. I ratchet strap tree stairs are awesome. Not just for a treehouse.

  5. 👍😎🍺🍩🛠️

  6. first off, i love the content. but isnt it most old news? sorry im might just be a bit much online……………

  7. Wow. This did not go as I expected

  8. 🇨🇱🇺🇸🌐🇺🇸🇨🇱

  9. This is all stuff that my dad shows me he just bought when I come visit, lol.

  10. Love when you tell the prices after each idem 😃

  11. 3:28 A British company starting a SHADE company?
    That's like offering volcano insurance in New York City.

  12. 1:07 My Father's house in Portugal had a laundry shute since the 1930's.

    Carrying laundry up and down stairs adds such a big, unnecessary accident factor.

  13. Love how Humankind is seeking an easy way through laziness, the next post will be a smart watch to help you keep fit, which means don't be lazy lol lol Oh Lord they are so dumb.

  14. That girl at 8:48 look like she has been beaten up by someone

  15. lol skylights, laundry chutes, and laundry racks. Truly, the past is the key to the future

  16. Love the ideas, the next project is a swimming pool! 🤩👍

  17. Also called "Things for rich people"

  18. Sun pipes are nothing new, been around for a couple of decades at least.
    Suction laundry tube, comes with the guarantee that it'll get clogged by small child seeing what they can put down it, a curious pet or some plus sized underwiring.
    Sliding washed clothes into an enclosed space to dry will make it an ideal location for mould and damp unless you were to have a dehumidifer inside the place the frames get slid into.

  19. If I had money!! Still mad I lost all my Bombey Sapphire gin bottles I wanted to use in my dream Earth Ship! ..ok back to video..

  20. This is all old tec. I think 🤔 you can do better than old crap that's been out for decades.

  21. Quality video as always tech zone! Keep it up man we love you