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Amazon fires create respiratory issues for people of Brazil l ABC News

As fires in the Amazon continue to blaze through Brazil, the smoke is affecting the respiratory health of the people living there. READ MORE:

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  1. 😂😂😂😂 hold this L Brazil

  2. Bruh why cant the planet just end already?

  3. The forest will grow back even stronger if white peoples companies stop buying the wood native americans use to do natural forest fires and let every thing grow back.

  4. Good, let the whole world burn til humanity is no more.

  5. Balsonaro is the worst president I've ever seen

  6. Can nato just invade Brazil and fix it themselves

  7. I don’t really like going inside forest because of bugs and all that but I don’t want them to burn down they are a main source of oxygen and the fact people just do this to them is a heartless soul #SaveTheForest

  8. Brazilian suffers due to brazilian

  9. most of the people feeling bad for the fires eat beef. try to stop eating beef please! this is why they are burning it!! if you like burgers, try turkey burgers if you’re a meat head

  10. Pray for the 0.1% to make a hit on Jair Messias Bolsonaro.
    Instate a puppet government.
    Save the rainforest.

  11. Bolsonaro should be in jail : period !

  12. And dont even try to stop it. Pretend to.

  13. I suppose the way to use the land is to start a fire and pretend it was an accident. That way the world wont complain. No value for this world.

  14. If you eat meat but also care for the Amazon rain-forest, then you're just ignorantly hypocritical. The Amazon gets SET on fire by farmers to clear land for cows and for crops like soy beans to feed the cows. This makes you culpable for the destruction of the rain-forest via supply and demand. GO VEGAN!!

  15. oh come on. it's so obvious. beef is just like illegal drugs. the more americans eat beef the more brazillian farmers will turn to cow bussiness the more amazon will die. just like drugs. the more americans take illegal drugs the cartels in mexico will never die.

  16. THE 1% are igniting the Amazon,TRUMP and PUTIN'S FIRES, AMERICAN FARMERS are targeted to fail, 1%er's want to control production,GREED,GREED,GREED,AMERICA WAKE UP!!!

  17. Time for a regime change war to enforce rainforest protection in Brazil. Or negotiate. US is better with regime change wars, though, maybe send Guido since the Venezuelans don't want him.

  18. What a stupid presidente you guys have in brazil.. Take the money and help

  19. these people need to let them help its not ok to let this continue to get out of hand they are afraid we will take over their land??? Im sorry but if that fire continues to burn you wont have any land left =( .

  20. Men came there and started setting fires

  21. Blaming each other but no even a single person could claim the guilt (action and intention) been committed. This is a crime to the millions of innocent animals that has died in the Amazon Forest. Nature will strike back and soon It will be pay back time. We Humans has never learned a lesson, untill it's too late.

  22. Please God save the nature humans destroying ur creation it will show very bad effect on coming generations. Pls God save it 😭😭😭

  23. SAVE the Amazon rainforest, STOP watching ABC bullshit !!!
    here is why"

  24. Jesus Christ the only Salvation to us, in this world 🌍We are lost without him👆Wonderful Gift of Heavenly Father for us Our KingMessiah👑 Accept JesusChrist before its too late
    Repent and Keep praying❤️

  25. In the middle of Osaka, Japan,
    Chinese tourists sings Chinese national anthem which has meaning of fighting agains Japan.

  26. who brings the red flower? of course people.😢

  27. We need to bring attention to this. Not only is the amazon suffering, but the whole world. The corral reefs are dying, our trees are dying, are oxygen is being ruined. And no one will do anything about it! If only trump would put some money into this. He has billions of dollers. Please just give some of it to help our earth. Our future generations are counting on us. The earth has helped and given us so much. Now it is our turn to help and give back to the earth.

  28. It is really intentional that there is a way in our world because it is written in the Bible that the trees are burned
    Revelation 8:7 KJV
    The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up

  29. The NPC in me is literally shaking right now bc this fire is literally Hitler.

  30. The real reason why the Amazon is being burned is because they are clearing land for people to raise cattle for American consumption. Stop eating so much meat

  31. A wildfire in the Amazon Rainforest and a Hurricane named Dorian ;-;
    Edit ahhh, forgot hurricane goes to Florida xd

  32. Fire is racist…it enjoys white (heat) privilege. Orange flame bad.

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