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Amazon rainforest on fire: ‘Lungs of the world’ in flames l Nightline

Fire has engulfed an area two-thirds the size of the continental U.S., and containing the flames is proving to be a herculean task, putting a major source of the world’s oxygen under extreme stress. READ MORE:

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  1. For the people who are scared of dying over this fire!! A lot of people know that most oxygen comes from trees but a lot of it also comes from algae and algae is in the whole sea!! We will be fine but to all animals and people in the rainforest I'm sorry and I pray for all😭❤️

  2. We must protect this rain forest. We have no choice. It is vital in absorbing the greenhouse gases we released into the atmosphere. Otherwise, Mother Earth will continue to get warmer and cause more destructive hurricanes and wildfires to follow. #MotherEarthOnFire

  3. 😭😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  4. This Bolsanaro guy should be arrested and tried at an international tribunal for crimes against plants, animals and humanity.

  5. The fire in the Amazon rainforest is a disaster, but this does not mean that the earth is not oxygen enough.
    However, if fossil fuel (oil, coal) is exhausted, the earth will really lose a lot of oxygen, threatening all life.

  6. 20% of air comes from the amazon rainforest

  7. Only stupid ass men do shit like this we need a female president men always wanna throw a bitch fit when they can't have they way makes me fucking sick

  8. Why don’t they just put ALOT of water on it

  9. The Amazon isn't burning. IT'S BEING BURNED.

  10. Havent heard what is going on lately is the rainforest still burning?? Are the people ok?🙏🙏🙏🙏..this was so wrong such and immature act
    Absolutely disgusting.this is part of our is the root to all evil and its ashame….I feel like a part of me died seeing this how could anyone destroy land and purposely kill wild life our world has gone mad.😥😪

  11. Guys if we don’t stop this and we all die Minecraft 2 will never exist

  12. 2011: some bullshit about Mayans

    2019: The amazon is on fire
    Everyone: k lol

  13. If you eat meat but also care for the Amazon rain-forest, then you're just ignorantly hypocritical. The Amazon gets SET on fire by farmers to clear land for cows and for crops like soy beans to feed the cows. This makes you culpable for the destruction of the rainforest via supply and demand. GO VEGAN.

  14. No one:
    Jair Bolsonaro: i care about cattle more than the amazon

  15. Mmm….so so sad….praying for all affected in Jesus name!! Wheeww…

  16. Another sign that the rapture is coming. Y’all please get ready for God🙏🏾

  17. Checkout the doc Cowspiracy an their websites facts and sources an What the Health and Seaspiracy on youtube

  18. May be it is a man made fire with flights or researchers people should investigate. Nothing like that too painful to see.

  19. It is good for farm land..

  20. Better start removing buildings and SLAPPING SOME TREES ON THE GROUND

  21. If you are like bolsonaro. Yes.! You don't.

  22. We have many people who care about this planet, the plants, animals, humans and all life on it… And then we have many idiots who don't deserve anything but a kick in the fkn ass!!

  23. The tree can help you breath cause the root

  24. Im actually so scared, my parents are talking about the world dying and I want to grow old and die peacefully.Ahhhh

  25. I hope the piranhas die with the fire

  26. Angola and DRC are burning forest more than the Amazon.. No one is talking about it. It's Africa anyways.. Who cares!

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