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Amazon sends letter to Biden offering to help with COVID-19 vaccine distribution

FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence reports on the markets on the first day of Joe Biden’s presidency. #FoxBusiness

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  1. How many lives would have been saved if AMAZON would have helped out Trump's administration? So…they are responsible for how many people dying or being hospitalized? Is this in the news? NOPE.

  2. 🇺🇸President Trump stock market hits another record high watch senile Joe Biden take credit for it.

  3. 🆘 Boycott Amazon/Jeff Bezos he is in bed with the China and the liberal Democrats. Most of Amazon stuff he sells is made in China; you know the same folks that sent the United States and the world Chinese coronavirus. Send communist China a message don’t buy made in China 🇨🇳

  4. It has to be a miserable to be waiting while people is dying, waiting for the moment to get a political or economical reward. This people is so mean!

  5. Please Lord I Don’t Like COVID-19 💉

  6. Amazon wants their sticky hands

  7. So we got prove for on supreme COURT is really amazon TEAM stold my vaccien from cctv 24 hours watching N WILL WORKING with bitan team

  8. Where in the world were they when trump was in office?

  9. Amazon is disgusting ..so glad I canceled and stopped using them…pos! Their dislike of trump apparently far out weighed helping save lives!

  10. Amazon needs China for greed, less for american workers, etc….

  11. No way was Jeff going to be Trump's bi$tch like the rest of them. Willing to wager, if he does help, the current administration will give credit where credit is due…unlike that malignant narcissist sociopath loser.

  12. What a bunch of losers…seriously as Pathetic as it gets… maga+ .felons = enjoy losing gun rights, No FLy Lists and the Terrorist Watch list.. oh,. yeah.,,. a domestic terrorist law coming.. funnels MORE $$ to hunting you clowns down. MAde a BAD enemy, bubbas!.

  13. Liberals…and incompetent straight up idiots. They shut down my account and know nothing about it…..That's why I told these Moran's were done doing business. People are becoming so incompetent, and stupid, it's just astounding!!!!!!

  14. Don’t know why anyone would’ve expected Amazon to help Trump with Covid, after Trump has frequently bad mouthed Jeff Bezos, tried to put him out of Business several times over shipping prices with Post Office and chastised the Washington Post which Bezos owns. And then EXPECTS HELP???
    Secondly, im sure based off Trumps ego, he probably would’ve told Amazon “No thanks” anyway.
    Stop being hypocrites, people.

  15. This is how politics work they never cared about the virus they only care to prop up their candidate

  16. Why didn't they do this at any point in the last few months to help save American lives? Oh, that's right. Trump was in office. The left would rather you die than for the slightest chance of Trump getting credit for anything! Think about that people! Exit Big Tech. Close down your Amazon account and give your business to Patriots instead. Consider selling your investments in FAANG stocks plus Microsoft and Twitter. They are in bed with China just like Biden and the Democrats.

  17. So Bezos waited on helping the country and put millions of American lives at risk because he didn’t like Trump? 🤬

  18. So they sat back and waited until Trump was out while people were dieing. what the actual f…!!

  19. I wonder what variable changed, and thus influenced Amazon to help distribute the vaccine? Wait, are you telling me that these corpos are political actors? Noooooo.

  20. When will people see that Trump Russia election interference is by fair not worse than domestic interference this past year by social media giants minimizing adds for Trump campaigns and he's is the proof needed that they are now willing too work with a democratic party and not a republican party!?!?! Amazon you are by far self centered and had your own agendas verus what the American people need and that was help in all corners despite your public interests and I hope soon charges arise from domestic interference in elections as there is very hard evidence ..you should be ashamed of yourself and never call yourself a humanitarian aide too the people of your home land or other countries ..

  21. I can't believe Amazon made it so freaking obvious that they would rather let people catch Covid and possibly DIE, then to assist then President Trump in distributing the vaccine through their network!!! It's so unreal that they pretty much said, "we don't care if people die, we will not assist Trump in any way that may make him look good in the handling of this crisis", I'm just baffled !!! And I know and realize how Bezos is a huge a-hole, but I just can't believe he's even WAY bigger an A-Hole than I could have ever imagined !! It's down right shameful and at the same time disturbing, but people don't care, they just want their stuff delivered in a day. So sad….he will someday answer for this, behind all his money, someday he will leave this world like the rest of us, and be just like the rest of us, no money, no power, and have to answer for it.

  22. It's nice that they stepped forward on the day that Biden took office to help distribute the vaccines.

    It's comforting to know that none of this is Political.

    Thank you Amazon

  23. They could help trump in March and so many americans will still be alive. Why now that Biden is president?

  24. Over a month late. Jeff bezos caused the needless deaths of many. There is no generosity or humanity in this bottom dweller.

  25. Now they offering help??? I will never ever order nothing with amazon,,,im closed my acct with them

  26. They couldn't have done this before, waited until today. Well thats just great, shows you much they care about average people. Screw you Bezos, I'm canceling prime and looking anywhere else to buy my goods online.

  27. They help on their political agenda…no worries…ill do my business elsewhere. No more donations and prime from me.

  28. Amazon delivery and WaPo TP brought to you by radical liberal Bezos

  29. Amazon needs to brought to their knees …glad i cancelled my account

  30. It all gets back to taxes. Thank you Owebiden.

  31. Jeff Bezos is a Snake he stays on every presidents lap to get what she wants.

  32. Try not to order anything on Amazon

  33. not a real va$$ine, it’s gene therapy, they l$ed

  34. And google is going to offer to help with the clean energy infrastructure… if you didn’t see this coming you are an idiot. This was all planned, c’mon man!

  35. Success to you president Biden, you succeed, America succeeds.

  36. wow. politics over Country – again.
    – how would know not just more totally uncurated knock offs?

  37. What a joke Amazon has known about this the hole to and Jeff waits till his puppet gets in office. Wtf if Jeff what a peace of crap human

  38. So these bastards let people die by not helping distribute the vaccine until a president from their party takes over. Goes to show, just how greedy and crappy big tech is.

  39. I think, I'm not sure but probably I haven't bought from Amazon from at least 5 months and for now on, I'm buying directly from Company, no hard feeling, just not fan of monopoly.

  40. Why didn't they offer sooner?

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