Monday , August 2 2021


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What I’m Wearing:
Amazon fashion embroidered white dress –
Omega Flower jewellery collection –
Floral tiered dress (similar) –
(US) Floral tiered dress (similar) –
Sports bra –
Cycling shorts –
Amazon Fashion crocheted white maxi dress –

From Amazon:
My Amazon fashion edit –
Embroidered white dress –
Resistance bands –
Basket bag –
Hanky Panky underwear –
Watch strap –
Fendi sunglasses –
Fendi tortoiseshell sunglasses –
Crocheted white maxi dress –
Straw visor –
Reusable cleansing pads (similar) –

Armani Lip Power –
Clarins Everlasting Foundation –
Tom Ford lipstick –
Tom Ford Soleil lip balm –
bareMinerals lipstick –
ByTerry Hyaluronic Hydra-Balm – [ USE CODE JOSIE20 FOR 20% OFF ] Pillow Talk lip liner –
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Sweed mascara – [ USE CODE JOSIE20 FOR 20% OFF ] Tom Ford highlight (similar) –

Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool™ Formaldehyde –

Edge of Ember X In The Frow collection –

Maison Margaux tableware –

YSL eyeshadow palette –
Caudalie sun oil –
Caudalie milky spray –
Caudalie face spf –
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Clé de Peau cleansing cream oil –
Dior eyeliner –
Dior eyeshadow palette –

Yellow bikini top –
Yellow bikini bottoms –
Olive bikini top –
Olive bikini bottoms –
White bikini top –

Aurelia facial mist –

Amaio swim –
Robe set –
(US) Robe set –

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  1. Your floral garden along the wall ❤️ Soft plumed grasses with hydrangeas and wisteria,,my goodness 😊

  2. How do you wash those dresses ? Please xx

  3. Lovely vlog as always Josie 💖👑

  4. Could you do an airwrap tutorial? Your hair look so so amazing at the beginning of the vlog! 😍

  5. Hey Josie, Coconut Lane have some gorgeous smart watch straps! They’re quite affordable too, I’ve got a discount code. It isn’t affiliated but you can get 20% off – Laurenblogs20 xx

    You might quite like the shop anyway as they do jewellery, homeware, phone accessories and more. They now have a premium brand called Coconut Lane the Label. I have a discount there too 😂 lauren20

  6. Hi Josie, loved this video! With your white dress from amazon how was the delivery as it says 3rd September 😱 xxx

  7. I just love Blogilates, started following Casey around the same time I started following you, 5 years ago!!

  8. Check out this awesome 100% recycled clothing range from Maggie Q – literally made from plastic waste from the oceans

  9. Hi Josie! Where are those green floral plates from? xxx

  10. I had just been thinking of the previous owner and what he would think about all the lovely enhancements to your 🏡home and Lala's. And then you said he was coming for lunch. He had to be impressed. All the improvements in little over a year! He has to be thinking he sold to the right young couple, because your home 🏡 is fabulous!

  11. I thought we can express ourselves really I think Josie is a big girl and doesn’t need minders, you need to get a life for yourself it’s so sad you feel the need to live in someone else’s shoe, I no buy the Bentley she was trying to flog

  12. With Electric cars do you have to pay to use the pods to charge your car? Are they solar? Very curious.

    Love your videos!! Hanging out in Melbourne, Australia waiting patiently to fill my time in Lockdown. Have now watched every single episode of yours 😀

  13. Hi Josie you have a beautiful home the garden looks amazing lovely vlog ❤️

  14. You hate cola bottles….? I don’t know if we can be friends 😹

  15. One of the main reasons why electric cars are such a faff! It's an added stress. And if you think that they're good for the environment, then research what happens with the batteries that need to be replaced very regularly! Scary stuff.

  16. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Josie! all this activity and yet you neglected to tell us what the old owner thought of your redo's – especially your dressing room.

  18. The border by the wall is sooo good. I can’t believe how you whipped your yard into shape so fast, and such beautiful variety. 🌸

  19. Hey Josie. Where did you get those beautiful placemats?

  20. Love your dress Josie! I just bought one that is pink floral midi length and I love the fit. Now I am already thinking of buying other colors! 💖

  21. what a joke who would want to buy one of those cars,

  22. i could not believe you were so extreme about the air thing, you always try to flog you have so many
    bad chemicals in your house, all your cosmetics are full of pollutions unbelievable hope you made lots of commission on trying to flog the Bentley car well done what a hak we all new you weren't going to purchase one,

  23. Josie, I'm always looking for new people to follow on Youtube. In today's vlog, you are at the table with Victoria and Fleur. Who is that 4th Person? I always love discovering new content creators, and since she appears in this and seems very supportive of Victoria, I'd also like to follow her content (if she has any?). Thanks for another amazing vlog – I look forward to wearing one of Victoria's ear cuffs…that actual piercing hurt like heck, so we're avoiding the worst while still looking edgy-cool – hope you get one too!

  24. i enjoyed this vlog, good to see Victoria! If I ever come to the UK, I have to visit Daylesford, it looks amazing!

  25. Hi Josie! I just love all your videos 💕 can you please link the feather lamp I just love it I need that!

  26. Love the purple and green together.

  27. I love the pink dress you friend is wearing. I’ve been looking for a nice wrap dress.

  28. Josie – you had me laughing at "Balmy – o – ramy" ! LOL. Someone needs to use that as a product name.

  29. The piece of music at the end of your video today is very lovely! And of course I always enjoy your videos. Im in Canada and tried to get to your Amazon Shop but couldn’t figure out how. Do you if I can access it from Canada? Thanks! 🙏

  30. I love that 27°C is a heat wave for the uk. Where here is Australia its just a really nice weather day provided your not in the tropical part of Australia. 😆😉🥰

  31. The Border really is amazing!

  32. Have you ever tried Laura Mericer lipstick? She has incredible colors,Bicotti reminds me of you.

  33. Great Amazon pieces. And here's a toast to Bezo on his wonderfully exciting,super successful space trip. So exciting.

  34. Love that Victoria had girls evening with you. Great to support each other.

  35. L’ Amant means lover in French, the kind of lover you might have on the side from a husband! A interesting name for a lipstick! Great video Josie! Thank you for sharing! 🤗😍

  36. Forget signs of aging. Skin cancer will stop you from aging dead stop. Be soooooo careful Dolly. I know you use factor 50 on your face.but all that means is you can stay out 50 times longer without burning. Not that you will never burn. Sun bathing is just as dangerous as smoking . I know I know…. I sound like a cranky Mum. My heart would just ache so much if either you or Charlie were to get melanoma. It goes to the bone so quickly. I love you darling and a tan in your 20s is not worth the chemo in your 40s.

  37. I am unable to work the “Josie20” code on By Terry

  38. So nice to see you support everyone on their products🥰

  39. Beautiful Josie! Great vlog as always and thank you for playing the whole piano piece at the end, lovely. 😆

  40. Josie, with your "tuft" of hair before your Daylesford yoga session you're twinning with Dickie!! 🤣☺️

  41. This is why I wash and clean my eyebrows after micro blading cause it’s an open wound which you would never not sterilise if it was on any other part of the body! Never did mine any harm they were always perfect

  42. Hey Josie! The ByTerry discount code appears to be out of date. Too bad…

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