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Amber Guyger guilty verdict: Sentencing phase begins in wrong-apartment killing

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  1. See this shit 10 years thats some bullshit this broad just walk, i cant grasp how this shit happened im too through. Texans watch your self.

  2. I cant figure out why she killed him. There's something that went on that was never told. Hard to believe she thought she was in her own apartment. Possible. I've walked in the wrong apartment before. But knew it soon as I walked in the door.

  3. Was she tested for alcohol? Or other drugs
    Cannot imagine wandering into someone's home with out a reason.

  4. The verdict is for MURDER, guilty. The penalty should be a life for a life. Never to walk out of prison.

  5. this is sickening. with this logic anyone who kills someone by accident with a car should be guilty for murder. this is clearly only about race and an anti white judge.

  6. Will her partner that she was involved with get into any trouble?

  7. Is there a death penalty in Dallas?If so that's what she deserves

  8. Amber Guyger is a racist, the prosecutors recovered all her deleted texts. And she was texting and making jokes about Martin Luther King’s murder, wanting to buy a “racist” German shepherd, and Amber also saved and reposted pictures from Pinterest about killing people. She is a psychopath and she killed Botham Jean intentionally. When she entered his own apartment, he was sitting on his own couch eating ice cream, and she came in and shot 2 bullets into him, killing him. And then after shooting him, she didn’t administer CPR, she went outside to call her “lover” and delete text messages, and all that was caught on camera 🤦🏾‍♂️ typical Amerikkkan race soldiers

  9. Wrong apartment killing is how you are describing this. That's BS. Another white officer murders INNOCENT Black man.

  10. Had me waiting and waiting.

  11. Why even post this b.s. if your not going to show.

  12. If they won't tell us we should tell them. Give her 99 years without the possibility of parole please.

  13. The fake news scum blocked the comment section,but would be open if it was the other way round,white privilege again

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