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American lawyer fatally gunned down in Micronesia | ABC News

Rachelle Bergeron, originally from Wisconsin, was fatally shot while opening the trunk of her car outside her home, where her husband was inside, according to authorities.

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  1. FBI will work on puzzle, wish them the best.

  2. Fuck whoever did that,and fuck his family too.

  3. So, 11,000 people on the island…. how many of them have guns? These 11,000 people can't go far, so it shouldn't be hard to figure out who did this. My guess is this will go unsolved anyway….. or someone will get framed for it. This was probably a hit ordered by someone with a "higher pay grade" than the FBI.

  4. Everyone becomes a psychoanalyst

  5. Another thing, her sleeping with a machete under her pillow. I think to throw off the idea of them having a gun.

  6. Good warning video. Stay tf out of Yap Island!

  7. You abc showed that fake news Syria attacked by Turkey video so now I can’t believe any story you report! Sorry but your proven liars

  8. Simon loved Rachelle dearly. Please have some decency.

  9. My niece Rachelle Bergeron was a brave, courageous and kind woman. I should say is as now she resides in heaven. She fought against social injustice and human trafficking. Please pray our family at this very difficult time.

  10. "MENS REA "She must have been an intelligent young woman. Justice should be served.
    What a couple! My condolences to the widowed.

  11. People see a minute and a half interview with her husband and because he's not absolutely beside himself. Oh! He's guilty!!! If he were crying and upset. U same people would say he's faking it to get sympathy. I think someone took her out that she made have had a deal with at work myself

  12. I lived in Yap for almost 12 years and knew them well. This is shocking. These people are two of the most selfless, caring and hard-working people I've ever met. They were working for low wages, thousands of miles from home in a remote and challenging environment; both culturally and politically – not to mention dealing with the sever weather and tropical virus outbreaks every year. You have to love the island and its people to live and work there, and these two people loved the islanders. They have a gofundme page if anyone feels like showing some support:

  13. That Husband???? Ummmhhh he just look 👀 I don’t know ..

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  15. Y’all be blaming her husband jus cuz u expected him to breakdown
    Everyone deals with trauma in their own way
    Don’t make assumptions bout smthin u barely understand
    He’s grieving and ppl jus be talkin and making up scenarios
    U won’t understand his pain so stop saying random stuff ur jus putting more pressure and stress on him
    It’s not like he hasn’t had enough

  16. Married women tend to die violently in these wicked, wicked times.

  17. Husband's involved I bet … Insurance?

  18. That's the problem she was Christian

  19. Her husband seems very calm and unemotional.

  20. Investigation into the husband…

  21. I know everyone grieves differently but he is showing no emotions!!! Idk if it's that we've just seen so many "the husband did it" cases recently and that's now the place we automatically go to anytime a married woman now ends up dying or what it is but some of his statement seems off!!!

  22. Just look how the husband is speaking he did it trust me 1,000,000%

  23. Maybe she fell on bullet?

  24. I don't really believe those people's there, can to that some kinda terrible things, like in the movie like that? They are really good peoples different than those Micronesian..

  25. I am surprise gun down!! The Islanders are not privileged to own a gun let a lone buy one because there is no guns in the Islands because it is illegal to sell or buy guns.

  26. Michael Strahan is a terrible newscaster.

  27. Make the right one mad. If she had to sleep with half a sword under her bed it was time to get out of there. Another only criminals have guns.

  28. Husband seemed distraught……? ……

  29. She didn't realize it's not Kansas, you just click your heal and come back home with toto!

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