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American SuperTanker headed to the Amazon

A massive U.S. plane is headed to the Amazon to combat the fires in the rain forest; Brazil has also deployed some of its military planes to douse water over the flames.


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  1. I saw a video that said that there was a forest fire in Africa and is even worse than the Amazon fire

  2. You can BET we…The US will be re-Paid for our service to these Idiot Farmers that started these fires!!! Trump WILL get the money spent on this operation back to the US…

  3. Why America always starts a problem (by neglecting the global warming) and then tries to solve it by humiliating the others (the man with the bucket at 0:55 vs the giant supertanker). we all know you are the greatest nation in the universe.

  4. 2/3 of the size of the USA…haha..what a fucked up network. Good luck to yall

  5. They must stop it before it getting big.. If it is the lungs of the earth .. Then why they let it runs for so many days..

  6. Freaking idiotic human beings….we are literally destroying ourselves

  7. America doing something for the common interset ?

  8. Wow look at that A380!!! WOW



  10. Make no bones about it! These fires are the doings of that Fascist Fuck running Brazil

  11. I know the fires are a huge problem, but I have a pressing question… 0:19 When did the United States become a continent?

  12. About fucking time. Let's dose this flame

  13. In USA the governments have ban all plastic bags so we need tree if not we need sealion or seals skin

  14. It's like Christmas for those investors.

  15. None of the land needs to become farm all needs to be replaced because this was no accidental fire.

  16. Congratulations said Trump and sent 2 containers of Zippo lighters to Brazilian army.

  17. Let's Brazil live it's own middle age.

  18. A direct result of Brazilians not raking the ground🤣🤣🤣

  19. Same karma as indonesia. Caused by slash and burn planting. Rivers are being bled out and the land is drying out.

  20. Amazon forest fire fighters : Let’s Do almost nothing
    Civilians: Let’s Use Buckets
    The USA: Let’s Use the Queen of the sky’s

  21. Fire…… Natures way of disinfection

  22. Anyone think the supertankers were large airplanes headed to Amazon as in the company amazon to deliver more packages?

  23. I encourage everybody watching this to look at the New York Times map of these fires. It’s not a global crisis. Farmers are the reason most of the amazon is gone. Not climate change and fires. Brazilians have destroyed the amazon themselves in order to gain farmland but it’s weird how every politician and celebrity within a week made this the #1 story when it was nothing new.

  24. Pray for rain while being outside it works

  25. We humans are too scared of nature but why? As long as we bring water we can do something.

    Dont invade area 51 no invade the Amazon rainforest with not just water but extinguisher water can make fires expand if not done right because the fires big

  26. Probably makes a larger carbon footprint burning fuel then it saves putting out some of the fire.

  27. Chopping down the rainforest, in Brazil🌳🔥!!! Virgin rainforest, broke down for cattle🐄 !!!! That is very evil, and wicked !!! 😈🤯Stupid man !!!
    Hint hint 🧟‍♂️🍖🤥!!! Go vegan ✅, save the planet 🌍✅❤️, it’s critical !!!
    Delicious vegan food, on YouTube. No guilt, win-win situation !!! ✅❤️🥳 ✅❤️😋🍲

  28. The whole world must joint… maybe Russia and China will help soon

  29. 2/3 the size of the United States? Wow! Twenty percent of the earth's oxygen, wow. Global crisis then it calls for Global response. This effects "all of us"!

  30. Um ABC, Forgot the AN-124, BE-200 and IL-76s which saved your lazy asses during disasters in Cali or y'all just paid off by Boeing.

  31. They read my comment and the bombers have arrived. Time to fight back launch the bombers hit them with everything we got water, purple k, anything I want those fires out.

  32. Fuck Brazil. Fuck there president.

  33. Any other big planes that can drop lots of water?

  34. "the content United States" ye right

  35. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  36. Brazil gov't waiting for donation

  37. Once again another action that shows how terrible America is, oh wait we're helping them right?

  38. Brazilian president should be held accountable in the international court of law.

  39. This will not work…. only rain natural downpour can get this under control.

  40. If I was a bit older I’d go fight the fires.

  41. Did Matt forget a real camera? Sounds like he took the footage from his cell phone camera with all the wind pops!

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