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American woman claims diplomatic immunity after killing UK teen | ABC News

The woman, who has been accused of killing Harry Dunn in a car crash, has left the U.K.

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  1. So sorry for the family! But UK is he colony of US, what can we do? Brits?

  2. I think the parents of the young victim are more angry at the fact that she used her diplomatic immunity to avoid persecution than the actual incident. No one is calling her a murderer but she did kill their son and should be held responsible for it.

  3. Husband should divorce her ignorant ass what a cunt! ๐Ÿคฌ

  4. yes just like that idiot that killed those 2 young musicians from the uk touring the usa the her's, drag her back, let her ride, the mare of better than a terrorist

  5. Get her if you can what she did was evil to kill someone and with their body within eye limit says diplomatic immunity and then the U.S. says she's good

  6. Absolutely disgusting. If she's going to hide like a coward behind her husbands diplomatic immunity, fine, but then they said ' they won't release her name', which was another slap in the face to that poor family but now they have. She might've escape justice in the UK but she'll be living a nightmare in her home country at least.

  7. If I was her husband I would of dragged her a$$ back to the UK

  8. There needs to be a better diplomatic immunity…..crimes against people should not be immune

    From what I heard it was an accident because she is not experienced in driving on the wrong side of the road, which yes it is still her fault….I'm mixed about what she should be charged with…..a boy is dead because of her

    I was in Japan, I never drove, we had local people to drive us because we didn't want to be in an accident……..something she should have considered

    I'd never get use to the steering wheel being on the wrong side of the car

  9. I feel for the family of this young man.. changed my outlook on trump..

  10. Unfortunately, I donโ€™t think this young manโ€™s family will ever get the justice they deserve.

  11. This make me wonder if everyone is born equal,why someone can always get away from laws

  12. criminal president defends criminals.
    shame on trump and shame on this bitch

  13. SMDH. My heartfelt, condolences to family for the lost of their young son.๐Ÿ˜‘๐ŸŒน

  14. There's no special relationship, the US only looks out for their own.

  15. Rich ppl and politicians can do whatever they want. Epstein had a sex island for sex with underage girls.

  16. This shameless woman is named Anne Goodwin Sacoolas. I feel very sad for the family having to deal with this

  17. I don't understand. An accident is an accident. I can understand 'charges' if she was under the influence of something or did it on purpose. Other than that, people take deadly risk, when they ride motorcycle and that's the price they have to pay sometimes. When will people realize, that riding motorcycles is no different than playing Russian Roulette with yourself. It's just a matter of time, is all it is. All it takes, is a deer or small animal to jump out in front of you.

  18. Why won't yall say her fuckin name??? SUSAN ANNE CALOOSA THERE! ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  19. She went to the same highschool as me and she should be charged!"

  20. Give us an address will f**** find the bich

  21. Truly shocking. Does this Sacoolas woman have no human decency, no ethics or morals? What if it was her child that was killed?

  22. This is the most problematic caveat in the world. It places people ABOVE THE LAW. That cannot be. It runs counter to any reasonable view of the law of any country, for ANYONE to be granted a status above the law. And it is widely abused because of its very existence. While it may have been an accident, this woman just made herself look like a MURDERER for not owning up. I'm pretty sure there are lots of buried bodies of victims of this nonsense caveat. End it world wide.

  23. The Brits are trying to violate the freedom of killing of US citizens!!! this should be basic human right ib democratic countries!

  24. The diplomat's wife makes a mockery of all Americans who have given their life for sake of honour. Her cowardice is a terrible reflection on the US flag.

  25. Fucking whore should be doing 20 years

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