Thursday , January 20 2022
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Americans are counting on Senator Manchin to kill the bill

Freedomworks Vice President Steve Moore and The Hill columnist Liz Peek joins ‘Kudlow’ to discuss the ramifications in Biden’s spending bill as it heads to the senate.

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  1. I can never trust any online hackers! Those where my former words until I met ☝️.and they changed my orientation with back to back transfer

  2. I can never trust any online hackers! Those where my former words until I met ☝️ and they changed my orientation with back to back transfer

  3. Most Americans want the BBB bill passed and tens of millions will benefit from it. Only fools on Fox want it killed. They also think the climate crisis can continue to be ignored despite the warnings from the scientists.

  4. The true infrastructure part of the bill is needed. But offset this with some cuts to existing programs and some tax increases

  5. Some Americans.
    Others want better care for children, since the private sector doesn’t do it.
    Others want better roads and safer bridges…because “locales” don’t seem to do it on their own.
    Others want certain things fixed, NOW, not by some dated, failing, trickle down “market”, that turns on a dime.
    So. When you say “Americans”, be cautious of how you say it.

  6. This bill would move the country forward it is time for something for the working people of this country is brought forward to make there life,s better instead of a Tax break for the rich we are behind the rest of the world trickle down does not work.

  7. May the Lord give Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema maintain the strength to stand up to the Dems!

  8. It's stressful to have a government that declares war on the very people they pretend to represent.

  9. Senator Manchin, West Virginia expects you to protect America from this bill. remind other dems they will pay for voting for this bill when its time for elections.

  10. Think we should stop simping for Sinema. She is a straight up commie and admitted as much. If you look at her record. She is playing this game because she is in a Red state and needs to shore up with the soccer moms. So do not fall for it.

  11. Anyone who allows this Bill to pass, is an enemy to the American people.

  12. Going up to 30 trilions of debt the taxpayers cannot even pay the interest on this amount of money when the rate are going up only a little bit.
    So taxes will rise skyhigh, and in a few years you have to go to Mc Donalds with a wheel barrel of cash to pay the burger. THIS is real socialisme 80 peoples want the wheel barrel busyness to prosper….they're income will never get in pase with inflation.
    80 milion peoples want te become all poor, not to become all rich….that is what the na*zi democrat jeaulousy industry is really doing…exept the leftist elites. They live in multi milion mansions on seashores on sealevels. They KNOW they are spreading total CRAP they don't even belief themseves…

  13. Wait were counting on manchin lol lol ridiculous he'll fold like a cheap tent like always. How stupid can we be.

  14. Drawing on U.S.A OIL RESERVES leaves the country in mortal loose loose with CCP CHINA. Just an observation

  15. Come on mansion you’ll be in American hero

  16. Joe, do not let us down. We are counting on you. You know this bill is bad……for West Virginians and Americans.

  17. I hope so or there will be a lot of hungry Americans out there. We'll be going back to the Great Depression of the 1930's if this bill passes.

  18. FOX because inquiring minds want to know.

  19. China is now the wealthiest country in the world with over $170 trillion in wealth. The U.S. is the brokest country in the world with $30 trillion in debt. If Joe Manchin and Kristin Sinema don't stop this bill say good bye to America forever

  20. Hopefully there is more Democrat like Senator Manchin. And hoping he will remain what is right for the good of the people and the country.

  21. Manchin is an American first, he know the truth.

  22. Manchin & Cinema yes but I’d more worried about the RHINOS selling out!

  23. When the rubber hits the road,he’s still a Democrat like Van Drew who switched party still voted with the democrats 🤦🏻‍♂️

  24. Fake news painting that picture of how they would like it to go
    …I see right thru Fox….wow..

  25. Some of us desperately need this bill; not everything in it, but help for housing and heating, yes we need that. For those who think we will be fine losing our homes, you have not thought of anyone else.

  26. Please call the pervert communist/democrat Beijing Biden Voter Fraud Biden! VOTER FRAUD BIDEN! YELL IT, VOTER FRAUD BIDEN!!!!!

  27. please don't let the bill get killed..WE SOCIAL SECURITY SENIORS NEED HELP NOW.

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