Americans are feeling the financial sting as credit card debt reaches record highs

Millions of Americans are feeling the financial sting as credit card debt reaches record highs.

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  1. If you cant pay your credit cards off each month do not use them !

  2. I’m here to help… if you’re open minded. I’ve never bought a car off the lot or got myself into monthly debt like credit cards or school loans. Ofcourse I have car insurance, rent, phone bill, cable/internet bill, utilities, things that we all pay for. At first I didn’t have much more than 200 to save each check but I SAVED IT. Stayed in a house that was NOT WHERE I WANTED TO BE for 4-5 years because it was cheaper than other places which allowed me to save. Each year your income goes up so you are able to save more and more each year especially if you apply to higher paying jobs once you get more experience. You have to live below your means for a while though and save your money. Before you know it you will be able to save 400 each paycheck or almost $1000 per month which pretty much allows you to buy anything you want whenever because next month you will still be saving $1000 again so it’s not that big of a deal.

  3. I burned myself with CC debt when I was young. Now I refuse to use a credit card unless I can pay it off immediately and I only use to earn airline points.

  4. Oh wow the "experts" are trying to figure it out. So clueless and out of touch with the average American. Or do they think that we are stupid? Probably both.

  5. prices across the board on everything is over inflated. Gas, food, rents, basic items…. i have stopped buying many things because of the inflated price. 😢

  6. And they keep saying raising children isn't expensive…lol

  7. Bidenomics…. Mexico… Egypt… to hike it’s all the same…

  8. With credit card spending in 13yrs, I have never paid any interest fee. Just Pay Your All Balance, No Minimum Pay.
    It also helps you to build up your credit score to 800+

  9. adult children! lol. if ur supporting your adult children then u failed as a parent!! very sad

  10. "Unemployment is low.." Yeah but people are working MULTIPLE JOBS and still not meeting basic needs. That is a big problem. I don't see that as a "healthy economy".

    When everything goes up about 20% but your wages stay the same it is not a mystery why people are struggling.

  11. Decades of Reaganomics has decimated the middle class and put the tax burden on the productive workers income instead of wealth hoarding future oligarchs.

  12. The lack of financial education is the problem.

  13. Just like the media useless vague information.

  14. Price's are outrageous at supermarket's.
    i don't blame people for stealing food.

  15. christian america is a political sacriligious theocracy
    sacriigious becas the stakes are set so high by the church they are impossible to reach
    its not at all realistic
    its superficial
    now the govt is addicted to crime
    to turning americans into criminals
    high prices create theft by those with out and those with in as well
    corporate thieves
    americans might not look at credit card debt as thievery
    how ever unpaid debt is stealing
    its a crime
    its the amwrican way
    imagine if your enraged debt collectors appeared out of no where at your door step demanding full payment
    demanding what is theirs
    it would be hell on earth of course
    americans are shielded from this awful dynamic by carefully crafted laws
    the banks survive this huge loss becas the rules are so skewed in theie favor so they can recoup the loss
    this is where we are a high stake lenders scheme of madness
    americans did not create this scheme its thrust upon them
    no escaping from borrowing money
    most would rather pay as they go and keep the tallly sheet in a continual state of balance
    how ever the wealthy have an unbelievable addiction to creating crime its really insane
    who can understand their madness
    according to them americans are born sinners that is criminals
    and you better believe that's how they are going to keep it
    it really baffles the human mind to bother to parse out their incentives for their addiction
    what greek roman or ancient philosopher reflected into this and tasked themselves to pass on an account for us to mull over
    in an explicit way
    none none not one
    this is where we are
    a nation of criminals born sinners
    not good

  16. The elites just can't understand why people are pissed housing doubled in 2 years.

  17. I never owned a credit card and Im 35, No debt of any kind either or loans of any kind.

  18. Why are these people giggling so much about this situation?? This is all very grim. People are struggling.