Thursday , January 20 2022
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Americans brace for higher gas prices due to inflation

Fox Business contributor Robert Wolf and Economist Steve Moore discuss price spikes due to inflation on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’ #FoxBusiness

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  1. Inflation and joe shutting down the pipeline!

  2. Trump will always be at fault like harper is here in Canada

  3. still talking about trump trying to blame him from these dumbass policies

  4. neither of these guys have ever held a job …………..

  5. Biden is the dumbest president ever

  6. Cancel the pipeline! It is not inflation! It is stupidity. Impeach Biden and everyone around him. This is not America anymore. Bring back Trump!

  7. It’s also because wages suck companies don’t give benefits anymore or retirement because it cost them too much to operate you have to increase benefits and you have to increase wages in order for people to live and the reason why people are going back to work right away it’s because there is no good jobs out there not like in the pastNo company really cares about their employees anymore in America

  8. Not inflation its bidens policy's that are raising prices.

  9. Our red state never stop working…

  10. We had wage gains regardless of what this POS steve says about Trump

  11. Mr Wolf continues to be wrong. Democrat house, Democrat Senate, Democrat President. One of these is wrong, can you spot the lie boys and girls?

  12. Robert Wolf doesn't seem to know or care what he is talking about. Spending under Trump was considered in Americans best interest. Spending on a depleted Military ( Planes were falling out of the sky and boats were crashing into each other), but military spending was offset in part by restructuring defense contracts. Funding Wall construction was better then paying not to finish the wall. Government shutdowns orchestrated by Democrats to push through a massive Omnibus Spending Bill with Tons of pork for pet projects. Democrats in Congress own a large part of the debt accumulated during the prior Administration.

  13. No, see? This transitory blip in inflation is only temporary. Prices will go back down as soon as the government prints another three trillion dollars. That will solve everything.

  14. This administration is a disgrace 😤

  15. We need tariffs put on gasoline to make it about $12 per gallon for personal car fule in order to convince people to give up their cars.

  16. How the hell can blue vest lie thru his teeth?

  17. A 20$ fill up is now about 37$…thanks sleepy joe molester.

  18. It’s a cackling cacophony of corruption. He cancels a domestic pipeline to do business with the people that orchestrated 911. He’s lining his pockets. Why else? I’m all ears.

  19. Deserve the choice they made..
    Ask for more hand out

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