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Americans Embrace Marijuana, Legalizing Cannabis In Five Additional States | NBC News NOW

Recreational marijuana is now legal in 15 states, while 35 states have medical marijuana laws. NBC News’ Dan Lieberman reports on America’s gradual embrace of cannabis.
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Americans Embrace Marijuana, Legalizing Cannabis In Five Additional States | NBC News NOW


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  1. Decriminalization equals no more kickbacks to politicians, and another source of federal and state revenue.

  2. Legalize it! All 50 states!

  3. If “YOU” were Corvain Cooper

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  5. I'm A grower and License supplier of medical marijuana (WEED) strains I grow both indica and sativa strains,Hashish,Supply seeds, rooted sprouts,mushroom, Carts and cannabis oil. I handle very discreet shipment on both illegal and Legal States its 100% secured delivery…

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  6. Hello we are licensed marijuana growers. We got top grade medical and recreational marijuana strains and a variety of other cannabis products. We do home deliveries. A safe delivery is guaranteed. We are after a long lasting business relationship. If you are interested just let us know.

  7. Your opinion is just your opinion if you’re not a doctor


  9. Criminalize cigarettes lol

  10. Go legal for every one please it's as safe safer than cigarettes

  11. I just got denied a job delivering with dominos because I have 2 possession of marijuana misdemeanors on my record 6 years ago..

  12. I've been out on bail going on two years facing two to ten for less than a gram of marijuana. Sweet home Alabama. SMH

  13. Yes!!!!!!! What yall waiting for!!!!

  14. The bible states are, and will be the only thing holding it back from recreational use. I think once it's universally legalized as a medical treatment in the United states, it will be a done deal for recreational usage right after. It's not a matter of if but when.

  15. And yes legalize marijuana in NJ for recreational

  16. Corey booker for president 2024 that man has been a great politician a upstanding mayor when we the people had him in Newark I think that man is a really a born leader for the next generations to come

  17. Kentucky will never approve of this. They may be amongst the last people to allow marijuana in their state. Conservatives don’t like change.

  18. Legalize recreational cannabis!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Why is marijuana causing chronic vomiting with some people?


  20. Yes we do embrace Marijuana. Most everyone I talk to is for it one way or another

  21. Think about it………… They got their money in marijuana stocks all day look it up STOCKS: ACRDF, ACB, CGC, HEXO, OGI, TGODF and probably VFF….

  22. PA better hurry up or im moving to Jersey

  23. Americans embrace it, but Republicans say FU!! LOL. the Dems just passed it in the House but McConnael says no way, we don't care about your freedom!! Thanks KY for voting that corrupt a hole back to the Senate.

  24. This just another way to make citizens slaves to the wealthy socialist party.

  25. Buy sundial stock before it's to late…robinhood

  26. Marijuana was legal in the U.S. until 1935. You could buy it at a pharmacy. Same with cocaine. And the pharmacist would tell you how to use the drugs you wanted and if you misused them that was your personal decision not the fault of the pharmacist or pharmacy. Back to the past.

  27. We are witnesses the US degradation and degeneration

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