Saturday , May 30 2020
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Americans fight to get home amid coronavirus lockdowns | USA TODAY

Stranded Americans share struggle to get home during coronavirus pandemic.
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These Americans were stranded abroad when the coronavirus pandemic suddenly shut borders. Many are still trying to get home.

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  1. Travelling during pandemic… deserve this. "He was obviously lying when he said he got everything under control" .

  2. Anybody vacationing or taking a cruise in March was either severely misinformed or just plain didn't care about public safety, including their own. Seriously, I can't believe these levels of denial and ignorance.

  3. Recite Rosary, Read Psalm 91, St.Michael's prayer for protection..

    Repent USA

    Jesus have mercy on USA…

  4. They might actually be better off
    where they are.
    The death count is higher in America than other countries.
    Is this what Trump had in mind
    about Making America Great Again?

  5. 武漢ウィルスは中国共産党が世界1位の経済大国になるために散布。

  6. Most US embassies/consulates are closed since Trump didn't bother replacing the staffs there. Ones that are open are now run by people like Trump…incompetents like him.

  7. By the end of February it was obvious to me that there was a pandemic, but I watch several news channels. I guess they were out of the loop. Hope everyone gets home safe.

  8. Why are they roaming when they are 65+ ?Everybody knew about the virus since Mid-February .

  9. you guys deserve that. going on holiday in a worldwide crisis…
    whole world know for months whats coming. trump that super muppet you cant take serious.

  10. Things are rapidly changing in China. Foreigners can't rent a hotel or shop in markets. Still grocery stores but if that changes like they don't have a choice but to come back or live online ordering until they stop that too.

  11. This people have heard the news for months so let them stay out of the country. They are irresponsible. Now they blame Trump? No, you stay where you are

  12. Meanwhile China is now the new world leader !

  13. If you went to Sweden you wouldn't be in house arrest, at least not yet… It's been life as usual there I hear.

  14. Travel companies and cruise ships were offering really cheap trips after they knew about the illnesses ~ They and their greed are to blame too…

  15. It just shows how arrogant people can be. It was clear since january, that it is no advised to travel. You have to know the situation in the world before you travel. One president said something. Who cares? Don't you have a common sense. I don't feel sorry for these travelers.

  16. I feel sorry for these people and hope they can get home soon. I can only imagine how frustrating the whole situation is. However, did they not realize that it wasn't the smartest time to travel when there was a globetrotting virus killing people. The other question is do they have the virus or acting as a carrier and bringing it back to the US?!

  17. Going overseas, you might want to check out the world politics first.

  18. Do these people not see the news and realize that tbere are hundreds dying in countries becsuse of a virus , an american passport is not your shield and that there could be consequences ? very foolish .

  19. Now Mexico is really gonna pay for the wall, and America is finally first, president trump is a man of his word, true miracle.

  20. Cmon USA Today get your reporters out and do real stories! We all want to see Doctors,nurses,and the support staff interviews,and a lot of them! This is news of the century and you sit back on this? Should change your name to USA Yesterday!

  21. It's not vacation time dummy's. Duh. Wake up

  22. Free Alabama!
    Free Washington!
    Free Utah!
    Free New York!
    Free New Mexico!
    Free New Jersey!
    Free Nevada!
    Free Mississippi!
    Free California!
    Free Alaska!
    Free Texas!
    We need
    human rights!

  23. My cousin in stuck in Columbia cant get home all flights canceled

  24. It has never been under control, because of that complacency it is now totally out of control and getting worse every day.

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