Americans fleeing Dem-led cities for this reason: Rep. Waltz

Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla. argues Americans are moving out of Democratic-led cities for ‘better policies.’ #FOXBusiness

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  1. Long live the MAGA king!

  2. The only King is christ world wide megamaga a team angel style out of our way

  3. What really sucks is when people flee these overburdening liberal areas…then continue to vote for the same exact things in their new areas. SMH

  4. She has proven one thing that she is backing the communist party that old Obama and Biden runs

  5. The extremist organization in this country is the democratic party. With their ministery of truth

  6. The American people can contrast before Biden, and now. Who’s to blame? Ultra Maga. Well, bring back Ultra Maga those were better times.

  7. California has the fifth largest economy in the world feel free to move to one of the red States Kentucky Mississippi Louisiana Missouri Alabama where unemployment is around 20% child poverty the same they rely on government programs to feed their constituents

  8. LMAO!!!! Yeah, that'll get me to vote for delusional idiots!!!! SMH!!!! LET'S GO BRANDON!!!!!

  9. Fleeing for their lives…. survival mode!!!!

  10. Biden is a LIAR LIAR LIAR, on his best day he couldn't complete with TRUMP any day any time. Cong Waltz said it all. The state of New York has double the budget and the people are moving to FLORIDA.

  11. I'm so sick of Biden saying whatever he wants and Psaki comes out and corrects him and says what he really meant, so incompetent

  12. I am a fan of Governor DeSantis, but if we don't get a handle on the rising cost of housing in Florida, then we will suffer "biggly" with the rest of the nation… Florida has always been a "right to work" state with typically lower wages than the rest of the nation… It has worked in the past because living costs were also lower, at least on the west coast (SWFL)… Now wages are being totally buried by the cost of living in SWFL and wages are not going to rise to keep up with the increase in the cost of living here, unless the legislature can do something to reign in and turn back the housing increases that Florida is currently suffering with…

  13. The rapeing of Americo

  14. Thank God for DeSantis in Florida

  15. "drawing out the contrast" Yea, the more we see the difference the better Trump looks.

  16. tell him it President Trump make America Great Again


  18. Joe Biden and the Democrats with the help of the mainstream news media is destroying America

  19. Why do they let psaki say crap? Joe Biden dosen't know where he is most times. He couldn't think up anything.

  20. Would stand by you, take on who is
    We ve the best king.

  21. I'm coming out. It's so freeing. I'm ULTRA MAGA baby and I love it!

  22. Ultramagnus. Look at Transformer cartoon

  23. We need a new president and a civil war. This country needs to be cleaned up. No more mercy. When people put up statues of convicts, like George Floyd, this is anarchy. This has to end. He shouldn't have been killed by an idiot, but he's no one to be reverenced.

  24. Why leave the cities? It's what you wanted.

  25. Thats ok..they will only fill those cities with illegals and issue them voter ids

  26. Fk psucki and her boyfriend Biden!!!!! Hate both of them.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  27. Joe is a traitor a liar and a compromised communist puppet

  28. Paski is so full on lib fake fake fake

  29. And they are bringing their communist politics with them

  30. I am SUPER ULTRA MAGA!!!!!! Screw Biden!!! He is a total failure!

  31. She talks with her hands too much. Looks like a fool. That maga King is gonna go over like the deplorables comment. Gonna wear that sh*t like a badge of honor.

  32. They are so full of it. Put me in that camp also.


  34. Jen Saco' 💩 Ultra Queen of lies,dis&misinformation and circling back to more blatant lies.

  35. The people are being subject to uncivil discord so they would move and make room for the illegals to move in..two handed shuffle and the people won’t notice plus the people will pay..hi

  36. Anita Dunn lied under oath about Ukraine

  37. Not good news that the dems are fleeing to red states cuz they will keep voting dem.

  38. Better think about getting those roads widened Floridians.

  39. I'm so proud to be an ultra maga and support King Trump.