Americans voice opposing opinions over Trump’s indictment

The decision by a Manhattan grand jury to indict Donald Trump sparked a range of differing opinions from Americans.

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Americans voice opposing opinions over Trump’s indictment

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  1. Trump should be ashamed and held accountable for his crimes.


  3. Falsely accuse?? Omg are you crazy? He is the most deceitful human there is
    I am so happy I just wish he rot in jail

  4. Sharing air with these geniuses is hard. Really hard.

  5. Clinton didn't pay hush money

  6. "Too BAD"!!! "So why do WE HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE "LOSERS" 😭 and "NOT" THE "WINNERS" OF DEMOCRACY?! 😳 🤣😂🤣🥳 💜🧙‍♂️

  7. Trump was an American IQ Test. Trumpers failed.

  8. Let the ignorant, uneducated and traitorous trumpers whine and cry until they're blue in the face. Regardless of what atrocities trump commits, they will bow down to him. Law and order matters! And he has only been charged with the lightest of 1000s of crimes he's committed openly…including grabbing them by the pu**y. Yet, still the trumpers defend him without hesitation, because they thrive on propaganda.

  9. Americans or trump supporters?

  10. Well all knew that Deranged Delusional Ignorant Trump voters would come out like cockroaches on behalf of Trump. No surprise here. Just disgusting.

  11. …when night falls , fists fly…

  12. Hey – either he's guilty or he's not. If you don't have faith in the judicial system to carry out impartial verdicts, then you really don't have faith in America and its citizens. And that's a bigger problem than the trial of one man.

  13. All Clinton did was lie about it at first, then he was impeached for it. Sounds like here some "book keeping errors" were made in the "hush money" payments his layer already did time for.

  14. Lady ur stupid for believing him

  15. These ppl are in the minority

  16. I hope Trump learns something good from it and not just cashing in from his base.

  17. The blonde woman questions the difference between Clinton and Paula Jones, and T****p and Stormy.
    Um… huge difference. Clinton never tried to pay her off with campaign funds prior to an election and state on the books they were legal fees.
    That’s a campaign violation.
    While I thought Bill was a slime ball for his behavior, he lied about it at the beginning and that’s where he crossed the line.
    Two completely different situations AND Clinton was in fact impeached in the House.