Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Americans Will Soon Need Real ID To Fly: What You Need To Know | NBC Nightly News

TSA agents are now offering a friendly warning to airport travelers: by next fall, their driver’s licenses must be Real ID-compliant, or else they can’t fly in the U.S. without a passport. The new requirements are based on a law passed after 9/11 that creates a single, national standard for all 50 states.
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Americans Will Soon Need Real ID To Fly: What You Need To Know | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Just away to get gain Nd profits out of people

  2. Standard dl + passport is acceptable to get on a plane however a passport is more expensive

  3. This is a bull because a man walked into the motor vehicle WITHOUT any of the so called requirements and he received his Real Id card identification; he didn't even take a biometric photo.

  4. Can’t travel without a pentagram on your ID and soon, you won’t be able to buy or sell with out the mark of the beast. The devil is real folks. It has begun. May God help us.

  5. If you read the act it’s just like it says in the text here. If you don’t get the real ID yo will have to have a passport to travel within the US. They did mention it at the end of the story

  6. Thanks to stupid illegal immigrants

  7. WHAT??!!!!! I quit! Not flying any more! Its too stressful for no reason. Smh.

  8. Land of the walking dead no one is awoke

  9. What about my enhanced ID I can use that to go Canada and Mexico will I still be able to use it to fly

  10. It takes a zillion ID's at the DMV to get an ID or License. Now I need those ID's to get another ID? Just finger print me! I don't have to dig up those and find them.

  11. Bet after the date, your always gonna have that person who says I didn't know I'm suppose to get a real id to travel.

  12. Nothing like a gross violation of civil rights to start the morning…

  13. Lmao Birth certificate is not a form of ID…. IT SAYS IT RIGHT ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!

  14. Hiroshima Nagasaki American terrorist attacks on Japan.
    **Never Forget Never Forgive*"

  15. Americans should also consider the fact that it's also for security.

  16. I'll take my passport… Avoid DMV at all cost

  17. THAT'S RACIST! Isn't it? Because that's what the left says about voting.

  18. Greetings! No! Salute… You'll need to be chipped to fly anywhere… Coming soon to the world near you… Shalawan

  19. Sounds like Europe in the 30's and 40's, papers, papers…no papers…arrested.

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