America's 77 Million Gun Owners Are More Diverse Than You Think

Republican candidates campaign advertise heavily on gun rights, but in a country with 120 guns for every 100 people, there are liberals who are pro gun and conservatives who support restrictions.

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  1. Those that wish to prohibit your access to any time of weapon deem themselves your master.

  2. 77 million? Haha oh NBC News, could you be anymore naive and oblivious?

  3. Michelle ain't playing around. "My concern is do I have enough bullets at home to defend my castle" I love it LMAO

  4. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  5. Armed minorities are harder to oppress
    Armed women don't become victims
    Armed gays don't get bashed.

    The only reason the government would want to disarm law abiding Americans is if they intended to implement policies that would cause armed resistance.

  6. the thing that gets me is the published data from the DOJ ( make sure to fact check it , i did.) more people are killed by . 22 caliber ammo than all other calibers COMBINED. so why the witch hunt on . 223 / 5.56 the AR15 round. its all just bull crap politicians trying to create another thing to be fearful of.

  7. The older black woman lost her credibility when she started talking about Trump and violence proving see watches MSNBC and believes the lies they tell

  8. but but but I thought all 2A supporters were right wing militia types…………..

  9. I think information is huge . I have mostely democragic views but vote republican because yes the left is looking to restrict gun laws that i dont agree with. People who think there is a difference between a glock carbine and a ar15 at 20 ft shooting distance are sorely mistaken but for some reason your a a crusade to take guns based on how they look. Even though pistols cause my damage in the usa.

  10. No, we are not more diverse than I think.

  11. I don’t think any place should allow open carry for any reason

  12. False.
    No one has to go hunting to put food on the table. That is fake Huckle Berry Finn story. Since Grocery, meet markets, Supermarkets were in effect , hunting was just a hobby.

  13. Only 77 million people. ? Probably a few million more than that now. And growing now.

  14. Good. People have natural rights to defend them self. Including from their own government. That’s why we have the 2nd Amendment.

  15. I love the way, Michelle Douglas expressed how only law abiding citizens obey the law.

  16. And Russia and China wants to try to attack America 😂😂😂

  17. The types of Americans who own guns is becoming more diverse because the second amendment causes gun violence, and more people feel the need to protect themselves against the danger that the second enables. Repeal the second amendment: wilful ignorance summarised into 1.5 sentences of unparseable gibberish that visits not freedom, but chaos, terror, violence, and misery upon the affairs of dead ancestors' living descendants. Silence the second.

  18. These people have legal guns in the red states. Your blue States your gang members and your teenagers have illegal guns that is what is killing children and police officers here in America. Blue states keep on defunding your police officers and your citizens will keep on dying. Put police officers to work get them on the streets to get the illegal guns leave legal guns alone Americans need those to protect ourselves from tyrants.

  19. That's the whole point of the Constitution the government's not supposed to put restrictions on the people the people are supposed to put the restrictions on the government that was the whole reason this country was started was because people be depressed in other countries and not being free

  20. That's how so cold gun violence I'm not even going to say gun violence but just violence. Is by teaching and training people