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America’s oldest brewery Yuengling, Hershey launches chocolate beer

Yuengling VP of operations Jen Yuengling discusses her company’s collaboration with Hershey for the brewers chocolate porter.

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  1. My favorite beer, now in chocolate! I'm going to have to break Keto for this.

  2. Yuengling's fine, nothin wrong with it, but sry, it is not 'craft beer' lol….its mass produced and again NOT BAD BEER, but not craft beer, despite that being the image they're tryina portray since puttin their IPA out n now this etc. Much respect tho Americas oldest brewery and not bought by AB Anheiser-Busch etc. Kudos! Def gunna try this porter too.

  3. Great news, as I absolutely love Yuengling, cold brewskis, & chocolate!!! 🍺👍

  4. That sounds terrible.

  5. For expired chocolate xD

  6. Yuengling is excellent beer – Chocolate stout has been made very well – But you can only have 1 or 2 then done! Good Luck!

  7. Shiner Bock best beer in America. Made in Shiner, Texas.

  8. I support Yuengling Beer Brewery One 24 Box of Bottled Lager at a time, Imported from Pennsylvania, USA…  Can't Believe any America hasn't ever Tried it???

  9. so let me get this correctly…

    its beer..
    taste like chocolate? 😳


  10. My favorite beer 🍻👍🏼

  11. Yuengling…. yesssss. Hershey's….. yesssss. Chocolate Beer…. noooooooooooo. I'll have a Black & Tan or Traditional Lager at one end of the day, and maybe a bit of chocolate at the other. But never the twain shall meet. haha

  12. Well congrats on your success but I don't know how good it'll taste with Chocolate

  13. I'd be much more excited about this if they had partnered with someone who actually made decent chocolate.

  14. I STILL will drink PABST and a Ghirardelli AFTER

  15. That’s amazing that they have been able to keep it in the family!!!

  16. I'm going to have to try this. 😀

    For anyone reading this that has access to it, I also recommend the Southern Tier Cold Brew Coffee Pumpking. It's awesome and a small batch American brewer. It's also in PA, I think. (I had it in Philadelphia recently on trip.)

  17. Yeungling needs to be named americas official beer

  18. I STOPPED drinking Yuengling since they started using Corn Syrup and GMOs in their products.

    Besides, Hershey’s chocolate is NOT real chocolate (dehydrated milk, sugar and enough cocoa butter to ‘taste’ like chocolate)!!.

  19. Not the first brewery to do it

  20. Yuengling became available in my area just several years ago. Prior to entry here I had never even heard of it! It is now my go-to beer. None of the other commercial (non-craft) products even come close IMO. It all depends on what you like, though. 👍

  21. Yuengling keep it in the family 👍🏽

  22. Next, Yuengling partners with another Pennsylvania company, Heinz to create tomato ketchup beer. Lol jk, I just thought it would be funny.

  23. We have a Yuengling brewery in town. Still cost the same as anywhere else. Way to go Yuengling..

  24. The yak. I thought she was a man until she spoke

  25. Just like flavored vape cartridges, the kids will love it.

  26. Hershey's needs to launch chocolate coffee.

  27. Varney could have been more positive! Never tasted the beer? We have a brewery here in Tampa and we all support them especially because the family is conservative plus the beer is great!! Get with it Stu!

  28. How does anyone NOT see they are promoting this to kids!!!!

  29. Now, you too can have the Hershey Squirts 😏

  30. Wonder if it’ll have a desert quality to it? I think Yuengling is one of BEST beers, since it’s SMOOTH, which for those of us who don’t really drink, is great x

  31. I click onto this vid, paused it right away and without watching the vid I will state YUCK.

  32. Oldest?
    You misspelled "least ordered at the bar" incorrectly.

  33. When will they ship yeunglibg west of the Mississippi and they are still family operated because they kicked out the union workers

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