Wednesday , August 10 2022

America’s ‘woke’ military is losing the arms race: Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville reacts to the China-Taiwan conflict arguing the Biden administration must ‘wake up’ to the pressing situation on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast.’ #foxbusiness

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  1. Get rid of the woke generals and soldiers that dislike American citizens

  2. I’m embarrassed for Tubberville

  3. how do we solve this when china joe is in their pocket.

  4. Why would China respect our afraid of America I wouldn't if you tell me a man can have baby America

  5. Sorry to say, NATO will not be there to help the USA when War breaks

  6. Cut all ties with China Russia North Korea and Iran let them deal with each other and we'll deal with our allies that don't want to cut our heads off. Wise up America wise up fast and now

  7. We need to cut China off take back our land that China owns in the US and let China's government fall because they need our money bad. Let's Get Smart America let's get tough again let's be the most independent country again and the most freedom God Bless America please help us Republicans and help protect our second amendment rights and throw criminals in jail and keep them there And close the borders down. Stop bringing in people that we know nothing about. Why do we want to keep bringing poor people into our country it's going to make it worse.

  8. Better institute 2 years mandatory service for all youngsters or you won't have a military men & women both! Get ready for what's coming people! & defense spending needs to go up & quit giving money away!
    Government MOTARDS!

  9. And let's talk about the LAND, BUSINESSES right here in our country that are OWNED BY THE CHINESE! Who sells this to our ENEMY?

  10. Our military is NO LONGER the strength of our country! Sen Tuberville is absolutely correct!

  11. Big trouble in Little China

  12. When you elect a meathead to office this is the result. Tommy certainly doesn’t have the best words.

  13. No wonder why America is making more and more enemies around the world because of this American politicians who are so hypocrites that they don’t see that they started all of the war in the world and they cannot see that their rotten failed democracy is dying and it’s not really a democracy that they want people of the world to embrace,How about try to respect other countries culture and internal affairs,Stop your warmongering legacy around the world

  14. Woketardzizim is being pushed by the CCP and their embedded subversives in our country !

  15. USA wake up early because CINA does not sleep. And don't tease the Asian giant. It's better for you!

  16. Defeatist claptrap that plays well in Beijing!

  17. I'm a Vet and I will not have my sons join this insane military. I do not know a single Vet who would volunteer for this DoD. We talk about the garbage that has gone on the last 21 years. American foreign policy, bureaucracy and politics are completely broken. The DoD is just one of the cancerous tumors in the Republic.

  18. Tuberville is a poor representative from my state. Same old globalist neocon clown ,more interested in other countries other than our own. Tuberville is obsessed with Taiwan at the same time has prices food and all the necessities are becoming unaffordable. Same thing with Ukraine. Ukraine is not our business and America needs to focus on protecting our borders and not Ukraines. Tuberville should resign. Robert Castello Dixie General Store Heflin Alabama

  19. Pretty soon they’re gonna start disarming on military these Liberal woke people are nuts.

  20. Now, now… they need to be gender neutral and treated equally…..give them all a size 7 boot.

  21. What they are doing is no different than what America has been doing for as long as I have been alive. I'm 61