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An Autumnal Weekend! | Fashion Mumblr Vlogtober

A very Autumnal Weekend! Rugby, Roasts & Long Walks!
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  1. A dog in a cage !! In your own home !! Ho no, i’ll never do that to my dog , never…………we can see you love him but give him a little cosy sweet house dog, we can find so adorables things like that nowadays…

  2. Your 🐶baby suuuure ❤️loves his grandma.

    Loook at his tag wag 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Can you walk your fur babies in air ports there? That's awesomeness 😊

  3. I'm always so surprised they allow you to bring in your dog to restaurants?

  4. That's one pampered pooch! Totally gorgeous… It makes me miss my springer spaniel, and now I want a Dachshund!! Beautiful weekend…and now I need to stop procrastinating and do some STUDY! 🙂 xx

  5. Still wondering where you got that mug from😍

  6. I am new to your channel and I absolutely adore your vlogs! They are so relaxing! And that grey coat with the fur is just lovely x

  7. I'd like to add I love your beautiful mum too!!😃

  8. I love you doggie so much, he looks like a sweet dog!!🐶

  9. I love the way you & your family love that precious Dexter. If only our world loved animals to that capacity. I love mine! Really fun to watch from the US because I have lots of fond memories of my trips to England. The "man flu" made me laugh. I completely forgot about that. One of my favorites! 🙂 xo from Utah

  10. The Josie drinking game!
    Take a shot of a spirit of your choice every time Josie says Autumnal 😄👏🏼

  11. you should so make a second channel called moremumbr xx

  12. The contour at the start of the vlog is so bad, i usually love ur makeup but the contour looks like 2 thick stripes of muddy contour on each cheek🤔 not sure if ur lighting was bad but did anyone else notice it?

  13. I love these types of blogs too but why don't you let Dexter out at night- so mean- dogs deserve freedom too! It makes them live longer lives…

  14. It's super cute seeing how much you both love your puppy ❤️ sooo sweet

  15. This editing has so much effort in wonderful vlog . Can't wait for more josie

  16. Dexter overload! 😍😍😍 loved this vlog ❤️

  17. Lovely video .. Lucky friends to get the goodies.. Wish I was one of them 😎😎

  18. Dexter is so lucky he gets so much love!

  19. Omg that deer jumper 😍..LOVE IT.
    Great vlog!
    Whilst watchin these vlogs, I can't keep my excitement together for vlogmas..PLEASE tell me that you will do vlogmas?!?! 💖

  20. Love all your videos, but the vlogs are fun. But I understand the surprise. I thought my subscribers would prefer more sit down videos for Vlogtober but they're all loving the vlogs. Who'd have thought lol. Love this vlog, I'm totally jealous of the cooler weather and that you can wear long sleeves and boots. Dexter is seriously so adorable, never get tired of seeing him in your videos. 🙂

  21. You are part of my motning routine while i do my makeup and always a treat! Great vlog…look forward to your haul and love going to London with you! memories! Such a gorgeous family. 💖

  22. Can you pls do a coat/outerwear collection? Prices and is it worth the purchase..that kind of stuff…? Thank you!! Love your channel!

  23. Does anyone notice the dog in its cage. She has a back yard, please don't keep that cute dog in a cage.

  24. Whoop whoop almost Christmas!

  25. Can I just say as a dog owner, all dogs are different and some prefer to sleep in cages as they feel safer in a smaller space than an entire room. When we left the house for a couple hours we used to leave my dog in a carrying box and as he relaxed we increased his space so now he sleeps in his bed in a room. However, some dogs never reach this stage and always feel more comfortable sleeping in a cage. And that's perfectly fine as well. 🙂

  26. Could you tell me where you got Dexters harness from? He is too cute 🙂

  27. The mug at end of the video is absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to ASOS haul video.

  28. Wow Josie. I couldn't believe it when I heard 2ne1 playing in the background at the start of the video. 😍😍👌🏻👏🏻

  29. Loving your channel so far!

  30. perfect video! make up collection video pleaseeeee!!

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