Friday , September 24 2021
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Analysis: Challenges Lawmakers Face To Get To The Bottom Of Capitol Riot

NBC’s Garrett Haake breaks down the powerful testimonies from officers who were personally affected by the January Capitol riot, and discusses the challenges lawmakers face in effort to hold those responsible accountable.
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  1. It’s not a riot it’s only a mostly peaceful protest /s

    Seriously though how can the media blatantly call this a riot or insurrection while at the same time describing AntiFa and BLM riots that looted and burned buildings a mostly peaceful protest.

    Talk about hypocrisy at its finest.

  2. I guess they're not going to do anything to Nancy Polsi for starting this and organizing it with her people posing as Trump supporters but were not, but blame it all on the best President this country has ever had.

  3. The same challenge they'll have to get to the bottom of who started the 574 BLM riots over the summer last year…oh wait…they dont care about that. The only thing they'll accomplish is television ratings.

  4. The purpose if this committee is to cover up the Democrat participants and blame their actions on Trump supporters.

  5. Didnt Hilary deny the outcome of the 2016 election for years and years?

  6. This is nothing more than a dog and pony show!

  7. This is a council of serpents, what is their goal, what are their plans? Stay tuned, watch and see through their deception.

  8. Black Lives Matter is planning to burn down the country…. But yea, let’s talk about how the American people did something about a rigged presidential election and how the government didn’t like that.

  9. What riot it was a love in, lots of love for frump, stop the steel, steal the seal, seal the deal, it was the real deal.

  10. Keep throwing crap! Your just going to push another backlash like in 2016.

  11. So a baseball bat or Mages now considered armed but a criminal with a knife who gets shot was unarmed?
    Could you have a more hypocritical double standard?

  12. I Imagine the biggest challenge is ignoring their political rivals actual beliefs and framing them all as racist so they can do terrible things to the people who disagree with them. But I have faith, I have faith they will succeed.

  13. I feel like I'm living in the Goof troop movie.

  14. Can we just move on. It happened it’s over. We can’t change the past only the future.

  15. Sorry but I don't feel for him we have soldiers that go and fight for our country and die come home with no legs and no arms that's their job whining about it

  16. Look at our southern border then you will see why. People came to the capital knowing the southern border would be destroyed and lawlessness would pleg the country as it is now.

  17. The only obstacle they face is the GOP resistance. The truth is plain and obvious. Justice delayed is justice denied. This is pathetic how long it's taking to bring those to justice. Tdump is nothing but a two bit cheap gangster that's bullied his way through life. He should have been in prison years ago.

  18. Why were 25,000 troops, denied access to the capitol grounds and building, 24 hrs prior to that gunless, no burning buildings, like in the democrat hostage-held states and cities, portland and kenosha, causing $2 billion damage, by the biden band, kkk, blm and antifart. If these protestors had guns, then there would be an insurrection, no guns.

  19. The challenge we face is the world wide leftist destruction of our life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. The left will be hanging their leftism on January 6th for the next 10 years. They’ve been waiting for 30 years for an event where small number conservatives broke the law and became unruly. There was no insurrection because there were NO guns. Meanwhile the left has wreaked havoc and terrorism on American for decades

  20. Challenge?…..most Republicans.

  21. Back in the day….WWII…The Germans thought what they were doing…was okay…because of some guy named…Adolf. Some people..
    even today…think what happened back then…either didn't happen…or think what happened was appropriate. 🤔


  23. Pelosi in handcuffs will work…

  24. What a clown show, what a joke, his Democrats should be completely ashamed of them selves but they completely narcissistic

  25. These cops should be in training to learn how to do their jobs not testifying for the Democrats!!!!! The capital police failed to protect the capital!! Their only freaking job!

  26. Get these cops a napkin to cry in!!! Check their voting records. I would bet they voted Democrat!!

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