Saturday , July 24 2021
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Analyzing The ‘Force’ Of Marianne Williamson | NBC News Now

MSNBC analyst Zerlina Maxwell reviews the highlights from the first round of candidates at the second Democratic debate in Detroit. According to Twitter Author Marianne Williamson and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s answers on addressing racism in America were the among the most tweeted.
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Analyzing The ‘Force’ Of Marianne Williamson | NBC News Now


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  1. I'm in love with everything that Marianne says. How is she going to do it all though? Objectively… How is it all going to work out and does she have enough of a political or even legal background to know what she's doing to carry out these plans? To know what she's talking about. If she was talked down to after the last debate that she obviously won on CNN, how are all the people in the White House going to treat her if elected? Not sabotage her plans? Help her make things better and be on the same page? She's so different in such a good way and I'd love to see her take down Trump in the debates but part of me is unsure.

  2. Notice how they use Marianne's name in the title. They're not admitting who they take seriously.

  3. Marianne ties it into her policies too though. Does Warren have a policy for Native American Justice?

  4. I've read the "First step" act. It builds more prisons and gives sanitary napkins to females.

  5. Hope you read your comments sections MSNBC – your viewers aren't happy. I dunno what PR strategy this is, but it's why people don't trust the media.

  6. Light and heart (love) vs darkness and ego (absence of love). David (heart) vs Goliath (ego). Marianne Williamson vs Count(ing) Dracula (Trump).

  7. Nah sister Marianne was very in-depth

  8. Marianne Williamson is of Jewish descent and has experienced antisemitism, so I trust that she understands racism from a similar standpoint.

  9. The headline on this video is misleading.

  10. Yep, use Williamson in the title of the video to push Fauxcahontas.
    Nice try, NBC.

  11. #ADOS supports marrianne Williamson and we will see her at the #ADOS conference in oct…the only candidate that has planned to come

  12. Marrianne2020 lets get her poll numbers up so she can qualify for 3rd debate..she needs at least 2 percent in the polls

  13. What positions of Marianne’s would be considered republican? Wtf?

  14. This race needs Marianne Williamson desperately. She is a truth-teller, not a politician. Marianne2020!

  15. As a white man who has been told I couldn't date someone by their mother because I wansn't Chinese I call BS on white people dont experience any racisim. This was about 3 years ago.

  16. That wasnt the wrong answer at all. I dont like Klobechar but she was right, Economic anxiety was the over all factor that led to Donald Trump. Trump used race as a scape goat

  17. just came from homelessness in california…to all these democrats obsessed with racism and not concerned with homlessness

  18. Ugh. Maxwell doesn't know what she's talking about. Marianne is thoroughly intersectional, though I'd prefer a different word, since intersectionality has lost touch with its Combahee roots (but truth be told, even the original formulation was maybe lacking critical rigor?). What Marianne offers is structural critique that, while acknowledging intersecting forms of oppression, focuses on their social, political, and psychological specificity. Hope people wake up and stop listening to the media industrial complex.

  19. Marianne Williamson kinda sounds like Betty White

  20. The democrats will see deez nutz 😂😂😂😂

  21. She is not yet qualified for the next debate in September. She has not met either of the two thresholds: 130,000 unique donors or 4 major polls in which she has at least 2% support. She will have to meet both criteria to qualify for the next debate. I hope she make it, because she was the most fun thing in the debates.

  22. Using Marianne Williamson as clickbait And no Russian bots posting here to confuse it !

  23. Fake Racism and Tarot cards is going to protect this country ? really ? are you people sick or this a joke ?

  24. Why is the title: "Analyzing The ‘Force’ Of Marianne Williamson???" I get it.. Use her name to attract views for an 8 minute vid & only mention her in the 1st 3 minutes…#typicalmediadeception!

  25. Sorry Zerlina you missed the ball on this. If you took some time and did some real research you would find on Marianne's website that her policies are by far some of the most democratic.

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