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Andrew Brown family lawyer on new video: ‘Like opening up a wound’

Brown family attorney Harry Daniels discusses what was seen in additional body camera video shown to the family Tuesday.

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  1. So first they beg to see and make an outcry now they see and talk about how traumatizing it was to see? I don’t get it. It’s all just a game of trying to gain public sympathy. Hard to trust lawyers like that.

  2. Lol they start out by saying the black man shot right after they show the criminals pic😂

  3. Is it a matter of perception OR deception?

  4. a man with decades of violent confrontation with police, over 100 crimes, this was no choir boy..he was a punk. Had he complied with police, obeyed their commands, none of this would be in the news. Non compliance leads to problems.

  5. Priors….
    2 years and 5 months of incarceration
    10 total felonies
    8 charges of possession of schedule 2 drugs
    Speeding/elusion of arrest
    Violation of protective order (restraining order)
    Domestic criminal trespass
    Possession of stolen goods
    Wanton injury to property

  6. Because of the economic crisis and rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money💯

  7. That District Attorney completely and boldly lied to the judges face about the shooting . This is the problem and this is why Colin Kaepernick would not stand for the Amerikkkan flag. The entire judicial system is rigged to imprison and murder black americans. Why is that DA not being charged with purgery and obstructing justice ? They all need to be arrested the cops snd the DA

  8. 46 shootings this past weekend in Chicago and this makes the news?

  9. Nobody cares anymore they is more important things going on in America then to worry about a thug that never fallowed the law anyways

  10. Police still hiding the video. WHY?

  11. Did he floored the gas trying to hit officers.

  12. Its clearer now. Brown was trying to back into the cops. I knew there was something funny.

  13. They still trying to drag this one out, move along non story here.

  14. Other than street theater what purpose does concealing the videos serve?

  15. I'm waiting to see the video before I pass any judgment as should the rest of you.

  16. if that attorney willfully lied to the judge what happens to that attorney?

  17. Seeing the police arrive in the back of pickup trucks is a reminder of the long history of Klan members riding through Black communities.


  19. make afrika great again! greetings from liberia

  20. So if he had no drugs why he was trying to run away from the cops driving towards direction of the cops

  21. It's disgusting that our tax dollars are killing our own people. Absolute trash officers…

  22. It's funny how these non black people are still stuck on stupid… "He was arrested before, on drug and resisting charges"… Listen simple Simon's, for every 100 arrest 5 is really justified, the other 95 is police set up. Point blank period!

  23. Нихуя не понял. Но было интересно)))

  24. WhAt HaB we TakE away…let them kill cops or else.

  25. Man can a single blk guy killed by police be an actual pillar of the community? Valued member of society? Hell I'll take a guy with just some parking tickets, but either blk guys are just born with wrap sheets or yall crying over nothing but their skin color…

  26. DA Womble refusing to recuse himself after he lied to the judge's face isn't going to play out well. Arrest the shooters.

  27. lets be real if the cops were in the clear the video would have been released point blank

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