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Andrew McCabe sues DOJ over his firing

Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli gives her take on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s lawsuit against the DOJ.

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  1. it's going to be awesome when Andrew McCabe ends up in federal prison for all the high crimes that he committed and all of this charades come to an end… translation… he was involved in treason

  2. There must be some reason like they are afraid they'll be arrested & jailed but if they sue they'll have leverage, document subpoena power??? Trump won't settle and they know that, so it's a tactical strategy.

  3. in the federal govt. appointed positions like mccabe's of getting to retired is at the mercy of the boss, Trump in this case. it will undermine the authority of the pOtus if the court overrules the boss…..separation of powers…..he should get in line for unemployment benefits. not serving the citizens of America but his personal views is the price he pays

  4. The investigations cant happen fast enough. Now with Epstein going south, the heads are really turning. AG Barr is totally ready to cut off heads.

  5. Nice smoke screen but I don’t think it’ll save him.

  6. These criminals think most of the people in this country are total idiots. Wait a minute, they are finally right about something for once.

  7. They really think they r going to get away with all the corruption. They think they r untouchable. This better not be the already developed globalist deepstate agenda that will clamp down on the righteous with the antichrist spirit after Trumps out of office.

  8. I suggest one of those 5 a.m. raids on those mofos

  9. Andrew should be in jail or hung by now!

  10. Only in America not only you don't go to jail but you get to sue if you're a democrat.

  11. How's that Piece of Crap going to spend the money in jail anyway.

  12. TRUTH BE TOLD! It's all about the TRUTH! Our duly elected President Trump is not to blame. These 2 guys did it UPON THEMSELVES! They got caught and now faces CONSEQUENCES! You can't hide from GOD! HE knows ALL! AMEN!!

  13. The protections that come with the office doesn't apply to crimes

  14. Fake outrage as a defense for what is coming for them

  15. Peter strzok is collecting funds from a GoFundMe account , 490,000 dollars that hi should have to pay back to all the donors

  16. Does McCabe realize he won’t need a pension in prison

  17. These people are above the law! Nothing happens! It seems they are going to walk, along with the criminals at the IRS! How did we get to this place? Our country will fall with this many crooks loose in our country

  18. McCabe and Strozk are so arrogant, they still believe they are above the law !

  19. McCab is lucky not to be in prison yet.

  20. How stupid can folks be….fools,period!!!! Victim hood running rampant….

  21. I guess he thinks that will keep him out of prison.

  22. And you wonder why normal average Americans have no faith in the justice system anymore perfect example right here Up Is Down left is right have a coup de God Bless America

  23. If we didn't have a corrupt DOJ these two would already be in prison.this just shows the arrogance of these deep state criminals.

  24. I hope that you go to prison for LYING YES LYING

  25. The lefts tactic of doubling down will backfire here I believe. Drawing attention to oneself at this point with what they have done is inexcusable. I believe they will make an example out of these guys.
    Can’t wait for discovery. 🤦‍♂️

  26. McCabe is suing doj because he’s a thug?


  28. This can’t be for real 😳- are we on candid camera ???

  29. Ha ha ha little andrew mccabe the crook is out of his mind! ha ha ha "I hate him!!!"

  30. Democrats have come together collectively to obstruct justice in every state and call for violence from their supporters. More bad things to come.

  31. These destroyers of US Repubic, Strezok and Cobe are funny….the perpetrators of destruction of US Republic play victims, as they cannot play race card like Keith Ellsion, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Taliban or Elias Cunmnings…

    As long as B. Hussein Obama, Clintons, john Kerry, John Brennan, Eric Holder and other DEEP state members are free to roam, they will continue with their destruction of US Republic…Send in Marines to round them all up and try them publicly as an educational tool to inform US and world people about their treachery and attempt to grab power from dully elected US President…Gitmo may not be large enough to house all these destroyers of US Republic., but Cuba will probably be happy to sell more land to US to expand on Gitmo, as Communism had destroyed economy of that country under Castro.

  32. Gone yourself Andy proud of you, you are definitely entitled to your Pension, take Trump for all his Billions & billions billions & billions, Woohoo, Stfu yous are all Liars come to think of it

  33. Impeachment. Lawsuits.
    The smoke rising from the ashes of the Russiagate dumpster fire.
    These people are criminals. Don't give them an inch.

  34. McScab and Strokesit must have free TDS lawyers???

  35. Shows these guys are not sorry for lying, leaking and have no integrity. They are inner power brokers, deeper state lefties.

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