Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Andrew Yang Explains Why Digital Data Is Personal Property | NBC News Now

2020 candidate Andrew Yang explains how he plans to reframe how we think about data and data privacy.
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Andrew Yang Explains Why Digital Data Is Personal Property | NBC News Now


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  1. This is why I love Andrew Yang so much. Yang is the only candidate this country needs. Everyone else is irrelevant. #Yang2020

  2. Andrew's heart is in the right place. That is all to it.

  3. Thank for doing this. This is one of the best Policies from Yang. No one is talking about this.

  4. again yang finding solutions where everyone wins, no one is the villain. why is no one else making sense on these issues?!

  5. The only candidate I have seen in my lifetime that is not "the lesser of two evils".

    He is the only one that can take Trump out and keep our country from collapsing under it's own weight.

    It's time we elect someone truly different and not someone who con's people into thinking they are different from career crooks in DC.

  6. America, please wake up and get this guy in the office. He may not be able to do everything he wants to do, but he is one of the most intelligent and logically sound type of person that would step into the white house.

  7. like ron paul and bernie , this guy deserves to win. he wont though. the vote will be determined by gender/ skin color, like obama, like hillary. its a real shame how juvenile most people are, they dont think, they just react. the whole "woman's march" because it was "her turn" like.. shame

  8. Only candidate I’ve ever donated too….ever lol.

  9. So refreshing to have an encouraging candidate. Andrew Yang has my vote.Yang2020 for his policies. Amazing.

  10. More of Andrew Yang please.

  11. Turn on the closed captions lol. Really NBC?

  12. this man has 170+ policies on his website thank you NBC for showing more of ideas

  13. I can respect that some wanted to believe in Elizabeth Warren at first, but since she has essentially proved herself to be an automation denier, I cannot support her. What Andrew Yang talks about here is very real, and demands to be taken seriously. He's right when he says it's not just about the money. Our value as Americans and as human beings is being taken for granted and we're being convinced everyday that we're worth less than what we are. I won't vote for anyone who tries to sell me short while barely answering straightforward questions and making moves that clearly benefit them and often hurt me in the longrun. No more fake candidates, please. Humanity FIrst.

  14. Andrew Yang could ACTUALLY BE the president if he hires he best advisers and listens to them. I dont wanna just support Yang… I want him to literally win the whole election.

  15. When he’s the only candidate talking about this I get scared for our country.

  16. Only 2 minutes? We need 2 hours with Andrew Yang.

  17. Remember to register and vote for Andrew Yang in your state's Democratic Primaries!!

  18. I need my Data check. 📨💵

  19. Hey Yang Gang. Heads up: Yang got a D+ for his cyber security policy/website from SiteLock. Warren got A- and Bernie got B+.

  20. Smartest candidate running IMO. I've never been so excited about a candidate that I've been volunteering my precious time canvassing, phone banking and even talking to everyday people I interact with about him. First politician I ever donated to.

  21. Since human growth is linear it made sense that we worked for a living, but automation is growing exponentially and AGI will make tech shoot off at a double exponential rate and telling people to work for their money would be unrealistic and unreasonable. It makes sense to give people money because we no longer live in the bronze age, we live in the future, we won't have jobs soon and we need to advance with tech, not fall behind and die.

  22. Andrew Yang. Some will say he’s buying votes. But the truth is He’s trying to repay you for what is rightfully yours.

  23. MSNBC stops leaving yang out of your graphics. Are you really fake news?

  24. who else is talking about data as property rights? only yang

  25. The most electable candidate in the race and then some 👍👍👍

  26. I wonder why in English subtitles it talks about Syria? Very interesting not subtitling what he is saying


  28. At tomorrow's debate, I just hope he says something that forces mainstream media to talk about him — call them out and go after the status quo

  29. Bernie needs to hurry up and start pushing up daisies. Warren and Biden need to drop out for basically being nothing more but establishment candidates. It's time for Andrew Yang to take this one.
    We need a big shake up. A forward thinker that speaks clearly to the people without rhetoric.

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