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Andrew Yang says campaign will give 10 people $1,000 a month for a year


The presidential hopeful promised a “freedom dividend” to 10 American families in his opening statement at the Democratic debate.

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  1. Pete Bootajudge damn even the moderator couldn't get his name right.

  2. These mfs in the commenta really thibk they bout that shit shut yall wack hating asses up, if you aint gonna support move that shit.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I was really pissed about it getting cut off

  4. Everyone: blah blah blah HEALTHCARE blah blah blah ORANGE MAN BAD…

    Yang: wanna join my free giftcard giveaway?

  5. I think what's funny is that everyone overlooks he is stating that people distrust our institutions — in this context, he says because of moneyed interests and also people also distrust them because they've been dysfunctional — and his point is validated the next day. Assuming he actually violated campaign laws — which he hadn't — the FEC can't rule his act as an act of wrongdoing because they don't have enough members to. Basically the referees of our election are in a state of dysfunction.

    Yang is playing some serious 4D chess.

  6. Such disrespect shown to him.

  7. Kamala literally behaving like a 14 year old here, absolutely embarrassing.

  8. Edison, Tesla, Gates, Jobs; all laughed at

  9. People can laugh about the delivery but it was a calculated risk on his part. Best time to make the offer is in the opening where he could maximize eyes and ears. Yang's site is flooded now with people checking him out and all you need to do is listen to him once and you'll know THIS IS THE GUY.
    "Eric Ming, the digital director of Yang's campaign, reported that just moments after Yang made his announcement at the Democratic debate in Houston, there were "over 116,000 people live" on his website at a single moment."

  10. First they ignore you #YangMediaBlackout , then they laugh at you #YangsDebateSuprise , then they fight you (coming soon), and then you WIN #Yang2020

  11. If you close your eyes it sounds like Kermit the frog giving a speech.

  12. im also running for president i will give $ 100,000,000 a month to every family if you vote for me so please please vote for me

  13. Andrew Yang: A thousand dollars a month, for an entire year, to ten families? Is that not a Socialistic attempt to buy votes? Shouldn't Yang be arrested NOW?

  14. I really don't think Pete thought it was funny. He knew at that very moment that he is a fraud.

  15. Yang should be charged for bribery for this stunt

  16. Watch the politicians up there snickering. Guess who wasn't snickering, the American people.

  17. He’s being really strategic about this and I love it

  18. Great Chinese cheater !!! He will destroy america.

  19. My family could use it Mr.President

  20. I must admit I didn't really like him in the beginning, but now I'm a believer! and Count me apart of the Yang gang!

  21. They'll spend it on cigarettes then what? Dumb stunt this guy played.

  22. Only 10 family’s ? Wtf we already do that with welfare

  23. They laugh because they don't think $1,000 it would put a dent on our bills. 1,000 a month pays my mortgage and car insurance. $1,000 is enough for us little town folks, My wife's a stay at home wife/mom, so were no longer bringing in her 1,600 a month we used to, so $1,000 would help tremendously.

  24. The Party of Free Stuff !

  25. Am i the only one who is seeing that they want to endorse Mr Joe Biden just because he is old, surely has health issues and he is the only one weak enough to be easily remove from office to be replace by one of the crazy candidates who surely will end up as Vice President …

  26. The stupid dems are always cheering about racist and minority , but in reality they act differently .. If they really cares and supported minority why it took them so long to endorsed a minority for president and why for so long they never had any minority as President and not even Vice President…..

  27. I can guarantee you without a doubt that Mr Andrew Yang would have become the nominee of the party already if he was a Republican … I can feel and see it since day one that the guy is in the wrong party and that the democrat will be his down fall…

  28. Why these people laughing I wonder if they comprehend of what Andrew Yang was saying?

  29. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. That's respect! Salute Andrew Yang, salute!

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