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Andy Bichel: brilliant off his own bowling

Andy Bichel always gave it everything for his country and made a habit of taking spectacular caught-and-bowled dismissals. Enjoy the best of them here


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  1. Super athlete fast bowler I ever seen ..

  2. One unnoticed underrated allrounder

  3. True story…Wisden awarded him best haircut for both test & one dayers 2001, 02 & 03

  4. One of the best bowler in cricket Australia specially I remembered his 2003 world cup's spell(7-20 vs England) to see this video.Seriously he is a gallant bowler

  5. bichel was so ripped for a cricketer

  6. He looks a bit and bowls like Brett Lee.

  7. Friends I found Tony greig voice at 0.45

  8. I remember watching all those catches either on Live TV or at the end of the day highlights. Can't believe how the years have passed by so quickly.

  9. No prizes for guessing where the dislikes are from🤣

  10. He was on 🔥 during wc2003 I was 10 then

  11. Apparently Murali got 70 international wickets C&B. Insane. Didnt expect it that high. Brett Lee with 20, absolutely mad for a fast bowler.

  12. LOL only if Cummins done this to Stokes 😂

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