Thursday , January 27 2022
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Andy Brenner global slowdown, says 'Europe is in crisis mode'

NatAlliance global fixed income head Andy Brenner on the economic concerns in Europe.

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  1. EU's monopoly funny money is collapsing…

  2. Is Germany going to start a war again or are they going to figure out their leftist policies have caused this….

  3. Recession won’t be due to Trumps trade war. Recession caused by Hillary Clinton deleting emails

  4. The media do drive the recession narrative un the USA. Which planet is he on?

  5. If people have NO MONEY WHAT DO YOU EXPECT

  6. Europe’s economies are very diverse, the northern economies are very stable. The southern economies are stressed and now Germany. I’m in Denmark and the Scandinavian countries are not full fledged members of the E.U.

  7. Europe is about to have a great depression

  8. Deforestation crisis.
    Only europe? What about rest of the world? World deforestation crisis of demographies plains.

  9. The dems wanted a greater recession due to trump so the fed's raised rates way too fast and everytime they did Trump called them out. They did their best to stunting the economy that could be booming even more. The world said trump had to much power due to being elected and trying to end the curruption in government. The dems greatest hope is a huge recession before 2020.

  10. Remember when Trump said we are the piggy bank everyone wants to get their hands on..?

  11. We're laughing our balls off in Poland. Karma writes the best comedies 🙂 Good luck germans… NOT!!!

  12. This is exactly what Democrats needed and hoped for to take 2020. What a hail mary. RIP kag.

  13. Trump has golfed 229 times since being president. That's about 500 million dollars of your money. How is your piggy bank?

  14. Fox news is open border operative for obama apparently

  15. Rid the continent of ALL third world Invaders. Rise up and take back your countries.

  16. How is Mass Immigration, Big Government and that 42% Income Tax working out for you, Germany ?
    Nationalism not Globalism !!

  17. German companys sold out there production to china now china is braking so every company that depends on china is in trouble.

  18. Financial crisis start with stock market crashes. Monday morning could be interesting.

  19. One added thing is that Trump Stop sending Billions to the EU for Global Warming and We Know what the EU was doing with the money. Using it for there Welfare State.

  20. This was the plan all along, crash the economy massively, the elite will pick everything up on the cheap. The rest of us will be poor and dependent, just how they want it.

  21. My god. What news makers are these guys at fox. I live in Europe and dont see any crises here.
    Germany is in terribe shape?!? 🙂 my god. They export cars and everything around world. No debt.

  22. The USA market will carry the rest of the world. China is shrinking but the USA is growing In Europe it is the EU that is causing the problems, all the countries are in recession because one size does not fit all. How can the PIGS buy German goods?

  23. They are destroying us in Europe they are destroying everything culture, history, economy everything…

  24. Who would be stupid enough to buy a negative bond yield???

  25. Sharia banking is part of the problem.

  26. Somebody please buy this guy a razor and teach him to shave I can't stop laughing.

  27. Deflation is eating away profits in Europe, like in the 1920s…

  28. @0:10:~Black Zero Rule~
    @0:12:~Pour On The Stimulus~
    @4:06:~Forced…Fiscal Stimulus~

  29. Of course it is the leftist propaganda wing of the DNC. Many of these anti-American leftist lunatics want a recession because they believe Trump will not get elected if it happens and they hate Americans and want to "get Trump" even if it means destroying the U.S. to do so.

  30. Its Obama's fault. Coming soon! 🤣😂😅🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  31. Socialistic ideology is mother of all evil. EU is just another communism experiment, it will fail like an IKEA chair in no time

  32. 70% consumption. That means only 30% of our economy actually produces anything of value. This will end VERY badly.

  33. Trump should accuse the media of trying to talk the country into recession for political purposes. And the people most hurt by that would be minorities. Give the left major problems with their base.

  34. Trying to stimulate your way out of a possible recession is a fools move. A recession is evidence that a country has gotten ahead of it's fundamentals. Economic growth is made possible by a nations growth generators:. New technology, investment, and a host of other factors. Deficits spending can be a good thing if it is for infrastructure that promotes more economic growth. But too often the extra spending is squandered on pork barell projects. We should be identifying the spending that is purely wastefull and eliminate them. The markets would surge.

  35. Trump 2020…..In the nut-house of course

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