Thursday , September 16 2021
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Andy McCarthy: 'Skyrocketing' crime result of Democrat policies

Former Assistant US Attorney calls out liberal leaders for not enforcing the rule of law on ‘Kennedy’ #FoxBusiness

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  1. What kind of workers are theives ? Workers of iniquity, children of satan and a place prepaired for them all called hell.

  2. Bull! Newson!! Maybe try working in a retail store.

  3. He is a lier and a idiot

  4. That's all moving to Texas. It won't go like that in Texas.

  5. biden wants more crime i know cuz he says crime is down, the plan is to replace local police with federal police , state rights is the target, its just the way i see it

  6. I LIVE in Pasadena, California. It6 HAPPENING here in daylight, with no FEAR at ALL..

  7. what the hell, ima take a trip to Cali now, I want free stuff too I mean if its being handed out

  8. How can a person be such a lying pile of 💩💩humm newsom

  9. They should close all stores

  10. "significant decline' in crime always happens when significant decline in arrests happen, lololol!!!!

  11. This is why we have food deserts.


  13. This NEWSOM dude should be arrested for free shoplifting in CALIFORNIA

  14. Justice Gone, Humanity Gone, Democracy Gone,

    Human Rights Gone, God Bless America ⚖️ 🗽 🇺🇸🐎 🐘

    On Twitter @Jamalch11

  15. Anarco-terrorism is now being practiced by the government. They will not punish criminals committing crimes, they will only punish the citizens defending themselves against crime.

  16. Fox news is full of children touchers , spread the word!!!!!!!

  17. Fox news people look like crackheads fighting over the last crack rock

  18. This old guy looks like a kid toucher!!!

  19. Impeach Gavin
    So he can done at most of expensive restaurant in America
    French Laundry

  20. I bet she gets beat by her husband , like men should do , because we need to make America great again 😂

  21. Fox news is fake news

  22. Fox news people are kid touchers

  23. Citizens won’t be able to get medicine or goods when all store’s are closed.

  24. I'm wondering if the endgame is that they want stores to close down – to force everyone to shop online. Did someone say AMAZON? Hello!

  25. Fear-mongering, and misinformation at its finest! nobody does it better than Fox Nonsense!

  26. Why do you think the American patriots have purchased so many guns. We will protect ourselves and our families and property.

  27. The people of California voted for the Prop that made all of this crime possible . So put the blame where it belongs , on the Voters.

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