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Andy Puzder slams de Blasio’s ‘robot tax’

Former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder reacts to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “robot tax” and the August jobs report.

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  1. The problem is not enough people for the job, there are lazy welfare sucking and healthy to be working….get those lazy people to work by taking their welfare away !!!

  2. Automation is already here Trumpets. What do you think happened to a lot of the manufacturing jobs. Wall to wall robots in these factories and a lot more on the way. Job participation is at 62%; that's not good.

  3. They are concerned because they can't get workers for slave labor and wages.

  4. Definitely robot tax. Tax robot at $15.00 an hour.

  5. I agree w/ Mr. Puzder, automation can have its own problems. So having personnel at the location is of great benefit to the company. Now the trick is to have a well defined path of opportunity(& not equality). People who chose to stay will have appropriate raises & learn additional responsibilities. Those who move on will gain the necessary instruction & practice for the benefit of a future employer or start their own business. We have to stay away from minimum wage.

  6. bill is a worthless uneducated scumbag.. change my mind

  7. We need a politician tax. For every tax they put in place, politicians need to remove an equal size tax. To much waste in government. No one is ever accountable.

  8. People don’t want to work. Or have no skills because they get a useless education in our ridiculous indoctrination schools that make debt slaves for life.

  9. Bla bla blasio , just shut up.

  10. Hey.. How about less government. Then ya don't need our money

  11. Belasio = is going to tax the air in NYC.

  12. What is that smell coming from the northeast? Ah, it is Billy de Assio. He is so full of crap.

  13. I'm from new York I thought deblasio had common sense but he is just worm

  14. De Blasio is a complete MORON!

  15. Here we go Bill De Blasio stealing Andrew Yang"s Ideas except he has no idea what he's talking about.

  16. Bill DeBladio is stealing Andrew Yang's platform .
    DeBlasio is a complete hack

  17. Don't forget to give the robots free healthcare

  18. Well when you have robots taking over which mean less income tax being paid of course you need to tax robots. I’m conservative and I agree. People need to work. Not robots.

  19. Common sense folks. If there's a scan as you go find a cashier and support a human. I don't use them and actually despise them.


  21. A robot taking the place of DeBozo as Mayor would actually accomplish more .. a lot more

  22. We've heard this for years. Another scare tactic.

  23. This argument has been raging since the invention of the steam hammer ….

  24. Need to string idiots like de blow hard up. Or better yet cut the bastards head off. Give me a machetti

  25. Stupid dago. Stick to fixing games.

  26. There is no Deblasio, his name is Warren Wilhelm.

  27. The bimbos don't ask if all those unfilled jobs could be filled by robots! There are still 25 million unemployed Americans the government refuses to count. Those jobs that aren't being filled are fake jobs created by the monopolies to justify bringing in H1-B foreign labor. Full employment is a hoax.

  28. Taxing robotics is the most asinine idea I've heard of yet. A robot is a piece of labor-saving machinery no different in principle than the cotton gin, wheat harvester, sewing machine and a thousand other inventions; all of which eliminated human labor but increased productivity. Henry Ford put thousands of harness and buggy makers out of work but created many more jobs manufacturing automobiles, as well as in related fields like gasoline refining, rubber tire production, and much more.

  29. But, but… How else will the government pay 'The Basic Minimum Income'? I predicted this 6 years ago.

  30. No CEO riding on the backs of all the hard workers deserves to make $1000000 a year when you have employees that can't even afford to rent a home

  31. I'm absolutely for a robot text if you choose to be greedy and not employ people you should have to pay a tax and if not be able to own the equipment and always be leasing it

  32. Want to make more money , then ditch the commie liberal professors and BS collage courses and study something that will make you marketable with a high salary. It's worked for years it will work now .

  33. You keep deporting your skilled labor everyday. Duh.

  34. Do you really think this 🤡 clown could ever get elected I don't so

  35. We need to keep the situation where there are more jobs than workers. That is how you drive wage growth. The last thing we need is more immigration or more federal agencies. If anything we should be getting rid of most of the federal agencies we already have.

  36. For once deblasio is correct

  37. The auto industry uses
    Automation , duh

  38. These clowns still think of robots as r2d2, automation has been around for years.

  39. we dont have enough workers deblasshole! youre an idiot!

  40. The way to stop losing jobs to automation is to lower the minimum wage and make automation not cost effective. Companies have the right to make the most amount of profit they can and if it means automation instead of paying a $200. minimum wage, then those companies should not be punished for being more profitable. Raising minimum wage cost McDonalds workers jobs in Seattle where they were replaced by ordering kiosks. Raising the minimum wage to $15. / hr for unskilled McDonald's workers makes placing ordering kiosks in the lobby very cost effective – lowering the minimum wage would make it cheaper to hire employees than it is to automate. The push for $15. / hr minimum wage is a push TOWARDS automation. Lowering the minimum wage to $5.25 / hr would protect jobs.

  41. I like that something I need to look into him for it

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