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Antonio Brown slams NFL for alleged double standard l ABC News

The wide receiver, who is facing sexual misconduct allegations, took to Twitter to announce he will no longer play in the NFL after being cut by the New England Patriots.

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  1. Everybody saying he guilty I GUESS yaw the juror lawyers judge prosecutors lying me too bitch

  2. On one hand brown needs to be responsible for his own actions, yet we know there is a double standard, the more money your worth the chances you get, brown himself was given more chances than some and craft more chances than most

  3. The message: it’s ok for a billionaire to have allegations but not for someone lower.

  4. When the lady said Robert Kraft ABs owner I cringed

  5. Double standard?! You are dumb

  6. AB just feels singled out with his actions and punishment.
    He did bring up good points with Big Ben and Kraft .

  7. Hello he posted pics of this woman's children…. that was the last straw they would have kept him had he not done that.. .. his worst enemy is himself

  8. The nfl is a big raping money hungry beast… and we can't get enough of it…we're f#@kd

  9. "And Robert craft, his (Antonio brown) former owner." Wtf, craft never owned him. Humans don't own other humans, that would be called slavery which is illegal and immoral. Craft owns the corporation known as the New England Patriots, he doesn't own the employees of the corporation.

  10. The first chick is taking him to civil court for money after trying to get money out him for years. The second chick is mad he had sex with Another girl in front of her. @miss_billyjoe can see her painting for AB June 21 2017

  11. Big ben is a white nfl player,lets think my black people

  12. Fuck all you white bitches, AB too real, we really targeted in this country make a nigga hate white people I'm talking shedding blood watching souls levitate.

  13. Here are the 3 things he should have been careful of.
    He's a black man, with money, that puts him in the spot light. So he should have been protecting himself. You cant get away with certain things like others. When you want a good life for yourself, then protect yourself. And dont be stupid, doing stupid stuff and saying stupid stuff. That money want protect you, but that light shining on you get very hot.

  14. *GUILTY until proven innocent.
    * fired via violation of free speech 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. AB be saying some off the wall shit but he right Big Ben had numerous accusations and was suspended 4 games and he get released

  16. ALL Black Sports players must seize to play any Sport. Lets see what that does.


  18. He said he is done now he is a bad guy for saying what tell wanted for himm

  19. It wasn’t a threat to say look in to someone to your lawyer and investigator. Right or wrong. And to show them what the person looks like. Did you say he wants something to happen to them???

  20. Football is corrupt and needs to be called out. Horrible

  21. Anybody peep how she said “his former owner” as if he’s a slave or some

  22. 😂😂😂HIS FORMER OWNER!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  23. 😭😭😭it's cuz I'm black!!!
    FUCK YOU CHILD MOLESTER 🖕🏻🤨🖕🏻🤔give em 12years and 12inches……then chop his dick so it dont happen again

  24. All he wanted was his guaranteed money, problem is he never disclosed his rape allegations.. violated his contract therefore voiding the guarantee

  25. Antonio…. Dont worry about others to justify your wrong doings. Grow up and be responsible.

  26. Isn’t this the lady a conservative from the view.

  27. Browns only mistake was he "thought" he had the same equal clout as say a Trump does. He (Trump) can say and do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and however he wants. No matter how much money you have Antonio, you'll never be admitted membership into that club. In the present day anyway…
    This was a battle you should have chose not to fight out in public but behind closed doors where the outcome may have been more to your favor.

  28. I'm worried about this dude, this is seriously getting out of control. This ain't gonna end well.

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