Monday , August 2 2021
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Antonio Brown to the Patriots 'could be Randy Moss all over again' | FOX NFL

Just hours after being released by the Oakland Raiders, wide receiver Antonio Brown is on his way to the New England Patriots. Chris Broussard breaks down why this could be another Randy Moss situation for Tom Brady & Co. — only this time, it very well might end in a ring.

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Antonio Brown to the Patriots ‘could be Randy Moss all over again’ | FOX NFL

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  1. Will Antonio Brown work out for the Patriots?

  2. He needs go suspended for the year he did act up on purpose to get a release

  3. craft paid you to say what you said about releasing AB. Just like the CIA pays yall crooked slimy media actors.

  4. Problem is he will be late for meetings he will be disrespectful he will be disruptive he will be childish he will be the same as he was in Pittsburgh and Oakland.

  5. Lmao we all knew this was going to happen.

  6. His genetics are the real blessing. But unfortunately he doesn't value the most important blessing because he doesn’t date a Black woman, what a waste of genetics!

  7. Uh… is everyone forgetting the Pats never won a ring with Randy Moss?

  8. Randy Moss all over again. But without being nearly as good.

  9. Bad call!! Patriots I hate your team more than ever now! Hope your season sucks!

  10. You don't get to use God as your deliverer and pull this stunt. He, I guarantee he is gonna reap what he has sown from the God he says he believes in. 7? Will see. Not saying God still doesn't love him, just you can't use God like that.

  11. Anyone want to start playing fanduel and use my referall to get $15?

  12. Patriots can keep that 🤡 he gonna get into it with Gordon

  13. Don't care if he works out…This man just showed the young folks how to act to make them give you what you want, to heck w/everyone else. Good example to hold up to the younger people….Act like a brat and they'll give you what you demand….Way to go N.E. Plant the wind and reap the whirlwind..

  14. It may be a randy moss move but AB didn't want to be in Oakland in the first place while moss played and felt that he didn't want to play with jamacus russell before he got drafted so the pats picked him up but we will see if AB gets his ring unlike moss did and if AB can put up the numbers that moss put up his first year as a patriot but the difference was that brady was way younger in his prime and now brady is old but you can never bet against tom brady because he is the goat

  15. Patriots gonna win another super bowl

  16. Chris be like stupid… need to be intelligent when you work for any division of Fox.

  17. Coming from Chris "my sources told me" Broussard.😒

  18. Pat's WRs: Antonio Brown, Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, Demaryius Thomas, N'Keal Harry, Phillip Dorsett and Jakobi Meyers (the UDFA star of training camp). If this AB experiment is successful Brady will get #7. No doubt.

  19. Robert Kraft might go broke buying trophy cases this year 🏅 💪🏾 💰

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