Anywhere Dems can get an indictment, they go for it: John Carney

WOR Radio Show host Mark Simone and Breitbart economics and finance editor John Carney discuss former President Trump’s interview with MSNBC and day four of the United Auto Workers’ strike on ‘Kudlow.’ #foxbusiness

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  1. Their cost of inflation is the same as all of the rest of us

  2. Here's the thing. If the powers that be, the ones who own and back our country cared about liberty – they'd put up faux parties for the communists to weed out their vote. We're stuck with two w controlled opposition with corrupted news outlets. Have we really ever had representation or were we sold out decades ago? They're just probably now deciding to lower the quality of life for their collateral/chattel. The people, the public are most likely useful idiots falling hook line and sinker. Can't be coincidence when reading levels have been falling. The church used to charge people to get into heaven because people were illiterate. The church and state used to be the 2 problems. Now the state is elevating itself to the notoriety of a religion. This stuffs disgusting. It's why people throw their hands up and give up. Men aren't valued, we know we're slaves. It's always sunny in hell

  3. 4 indictments. 2 by a grand jury. 91 charges. The most corrupt president in history.

  4. Thats how the law works you do a crime you get indicted ….do a lot of crimes you get indicted a lot

  5. They are getting indictments where he broke the law. facts.

  6. Sad to see Mr Trump will spend the rest of his life in prison. Wish it could be longer sentence for justice to be served.

  7. I’m not against these workers striking but I’m absolutely against these corrupt rail unions asking there workers to show up to the UAW strike on their own time to assist when the same union wouldn’t even make an effort to stand up for its own unions strike. The railway act must be dismantled and the employees should be compensated adequately, just think the rails make the same 100K they made in the 70’s and the only thing they’ve gained is less employees, more work, and worse healthcare while at the same time record profits for the rail. You wanna win an election dismantle the RAILWAY LABOR ACT.

  8. Will the People allow President Trump to be Arrested? Did He sign the Insurrection Act? If so, is he not still POTUS? Why did he leave early and why was Joe sworn in early??

  9. The unions VOTED for this. They voted for Biden and got themselves 16% inflation. Why should we pay for their mistake. Screw em

  10. They defended and cheer on the auto workers but trash us railroaders about striking.

  11. Biden what economy, we gave it all to China…oh, that's due to solar and EVs…

  12. Fyi… G.M was always going to China , remember the "bailouts "? What you don't know is CHINA gave G.M. more money than we did right after we did . After that payment CHINA started building new G.M. plants in CHINA. This has been slow-cooking for long time.

  13. BIDEN speech at the UN seems nice.. But remember his speeches at Rumania and Ukrain regarding CORRUPTIONS.

  14. MAGA……………Trump behind bars!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Trump is a RINO….
    He contributed to Kamala Harris's 2013 campaign. Look it up.
    He contributed to the CORRUPT Clinton Foundation
    During 2019, the United States gave Congo 965 million dollars. How's that putting America first.

  16. CARNEY. 3.7% inflation figure in the American citizen's 'standard of living , a BLS farcical fiction. The REALITY is 11.5%. (see Shadow Stats)

  17. CARNEY. It's not just how much the UAW workers have had taken from them via the NWO PLSdem INFLATION TAX, it's the SSI recipients, it's the barista, the waiter, every blue and white collar worker… EVERYONE that works for a paycheck and NOT just the UAW unionistas. EVERYONE. The UAW strike is merely bringing that fact to high relief.

  18. Well you see boys, that is precisely the problem. President Trump DID NOT make his Executive Branch hold Hillary and Bill and their RINO collaborators accountable for their graft and corruption. There will ALWAYS be more of WHATEVER you reward or do not effectively punish. ALWAYS.

  19. We are living in strange times….USA controlled by psychopathic military industrialists and an authoritarian delusional semi communist government with the "Extreme Right" supporting labour….😅

  20. Going after president Trump kinda makes you wonder what the Democrats are trying to hide this is ridicules

  21. who was that dah interviewer that interviewed Trump they can not even find a person to be straight up the same ole bull

  22. Hydrogen. You don't lose the range. You don't lose time on the fill up.

  23. Bidinflation sounds more right than bidenomics

  24. The discussion about the auto union leaves out Tesla. It is potentially a possibility if this “green energy deal” is spent on producing more power plants. Nuclear plants are an essential component of renewable energy. It’s not impossible it’s just not being done properly & in the timeframe that it takes.

  25. I will never buy an EV period 😂😂😂😂

  26. Welker, unlike most leftist "reporters," did NOT treat Trump with contempt.

  27. Great job Mr President. We DO HAVE TO "TREAT PEOPLE FAIRLY."
    This woman was extremely unfair. Very poor reporter!

  28. where are the lawsuits to stay policy to make electric vehicles mandatory

  29. One of Trump's notable mistakes: NOT seeking to lock up that utterly corrupt bag!
    Some others: *Surrounding himself with either the worst or, at least in some cases, the wrong people.
    *Not pardoning Julian Assange, whom exposed the Clintons and was definitely instrumental in helping Trump win IMO.
    *He recognized how corrupt the media is but did not seem to try to do anything about promoting the freedom of speech on the top social media platforms controlled by 'them.' I support much of what Trump has stood for, but I do think he could take a page out of DeSantis' book in this regard.
    –Those things said, there are very few politicians in high positions whom share his concern about this country and its people; plenty are busy making multi-millionaires of themselves by selling out this country from under the people's feet and off of various other forms of corruption, some of it horrible such as from profiteering wars, which they hated Trump for actively avoiding.

  30. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. The reason Drumpf didn't prosecute Hillary was there was no evidence of deliberate wrongdoing. Drumpf was not being magnanimous. Drumpf on the other hand, gets on TV and admits to his crimes. "I can steal as many documents as I want" I can levitate them with my massive brain. I sat on my hands while the capital was being sacked. I made a perfect phone call and asked Georgia to ''find" 11,700 votes. Privately I admitted I lost but told the Proud Boys the election was stolen. Invited them to the capital on Jan 6, "will be wild". Told the secret service to turn off the metal detectors. "Those are my people." Must be a political prosecution, my arse.

  31. "What is the Biden business?" , "What do they sell?, "Who benefits from all the money they make?"

  32. The same lunacy is happening in the UK (no petrol cars after 2030).

  33. Electric Cars (ECs) made by Communist China are extremely dangerous. Everyone knows that they have a tendency to burst into very high temperature flames for almost no reasonable cause. Just a slight change in the local weather or charging habits can cause the battery pack to explode. That's worse in China.

  34. Of course, the democrats reek of fear and desperation. To be defeated in the next elections means being exposed.

  35. They are the same States that "Voted" for Biden, SO REAP what they have SOWED!!!!

  36. a fair system of justice would end the democrat party so dream on

  37. So now you're changing the definition of retribution

  38. This is a total damned wast of tax payers money.

  39. Meet the Press host is a diversity hire and it shows

  40. She is not going to be fair. She’s going to do whatever she’s told to do.

  41. We will just import EV from China. We do not need these auto workers.

  42. Another problem with EV's is the added weight of the batteries. And that causes many associated problems.
    Until we have truly alternative energy, it won't work well.

  43. There needs to be consequences for false accusations! Like the little boy who cried wolf

  44. what will it cost to stay in a motel and charge your e v for a night $600.

  45. So when inflation comes down are these UAW workers going to get a decrease in pay?? would they accept that in their contract? I think they both have the same answer.


  47. It's all a sham.
    Time and money wasting.
    Both "sides" are involved.