Thursday , January 20 2022
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AOC calls on Biden to bypass Congress to pass Build Back Better plan

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget President Maya MacGuineas discusses the cost of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and AOC calling for Biden to pass his spending plan without Congress.

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  1. The USA has been taken over by a communist Coup

  2. Pelsoi won't let them debate the bill

  3. AOC is a venezuelean princess, doesn't have any knowledge of how the political system works in US. She should be sent back to wait tables.

  4. Yeah…… go ahead and try that! Lol
    These people are nuts.

  5. AOC is an immature joke. She couldn't convince the Maserati and Yacht owner he could afford it. The girls have a problem cuz they seem to be only able to negotiate via Twats. "If you want some baby, you'll vote my way!".


  6. AOC dreams of a Socialist/Communist country where the President does everything by Executive Rule and Congress is neutered.

  7. I guess she believes It's KING BIDEN

  8. AOC (C-New York) needs to go sit at the little kids' table with the rest of the Squad.

  9. Of course she does… AOC does not believe in lawful behavior, political debate or the constitution… they are just an annoyance in her empty head.

  10. Currently there are about 2 million illegal immigrants in the US where they can't afford to take care of their health and food, and live or Joe Biden distributes injury compensation to illegal immigrants 450K each and their families about 900 K leads to national economic bankruptcy

  11. She's afraid she wont get her Billion $$ cut, so she wants to do things the corrupt way as the only way.

  12. Joe Biden tells Kamala Harris that Americans are underestimating the confidence of the people in electing a leader 36% of Harris as vice president is lower than only 28% of the task at hand on the southern border crisis gives up. , on the media CNN said crap that was boring, blamed President Trump for causing the border crisis, Kamala Harris was so mad she did nothing, but wanted to replace Joe Biden as leader of the white house, She said that I am a black woman and should not be respected. She is a woman of color Her mother is of Indian descent and her father is Jamaican latino Kamala Harris who claims to be BLM

  13. Already Old Catwoman ! Lol could you imagine being married to or dating AOC ! Lol what a waste of a mediocer bartender lol !

  14. How much of the build back better plan for printing more money will AOC, and her cronies be putting in they’re overseas bank accounts. They know know one will ever be able to keep track of this kind of money. The middle class gets stuck again.

  15. Nope! Senator vote counts too, that's the proper procedure.

  16. a0c does not know what a garbage disposal is or what it does! So here she goes again…does not know what the BBB is and much less what it does! Bottom line is…if she lets Brandon do a sniff job on her…then she can get what she wants…this is the MOST DELIBERATE ILLITERATE ADMINISTRATION EVER IN THE HISTORY OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY, AND PROBABLY THE ENTIRE WORLD!

  17. Joe Biden shut down Pipeline and banning Canadian corporations from bringing crude oil pipelines into the US to buy crude oil from Russia and the Middle East, gasoline, and alarm at 90% inflation

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