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AOC says 'bite the bullet' on $93 trillion Green New Deal

Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes, former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf, Kingsview Asset Management CIO Scott Martin and FoxNews.com columnist Liz Peek react to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-N.Y.) comments about climate change.

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  1. Is this woman for real. Is she as dumb as she sounds. Surely not.Dingbat

  2. AOC is a loony toon like the rest of the left with their crackpot dream that will turn the us into Venezuela if not worse

  3. I appreciate her enthusiasm, but maybe she should lead by example and bite the bullet.

  4. Guys I'm republican, I'm against spending. However, green energy is not a bad investment. We need to stop depending on oil. It's causing us unnecessary wars and hurricanes. I know if fox has sponsorship from the oil top dogs.

  5. IF these BAD Actors have their way we will be back to the year 1500 where there was the ELITE ..The CHURCH and everyone else was a PEASANT

  6. Green new deal isn't gonna do crap. It's a socialistic view.

  7. She says we need to bite the bullet on the costs, but wants a raise on her $174,000 annual salary….

  8. I have a horse when Cortez laughing exactly the same

  9. She's so dumb it's like always hore

  10. Hahahaha nuts case 😂😂

  11. Remember James Hansen & Al Gore's "predictions" about the Arctic? Remember "the end of snow" predictions? OAC isn't smart enough to articulate a position, so she copies bullet points & runs w/ it.

  12. There is 7.7 billion people in the world. China and India 2.7 billion, which is 37% of world population. There is 1 billion head of cattle in the world. India, China and Brazil have 63% of cattle in the world. Ninety percent of the cattle in the world are not in the United States. China, India and Russia are the biggest user of coal. The biggest abuser is not the United States. Why don't they mention who the biggest abusers?

  13. When will this circus of AOC and her opinions stop. When this individual graduated i can only assume she opened a box of rice krispies and found it there in the facility canteen

  14. Hey AOC, why don't you "bite the bullet" and give up your posh apartment, bike to work, donate 3/4 of your $174,000 paycheck & collect rainwater to bathe & do laundry… what a dolt.

  15. aoc…….there has been horrendous hurricanes throughout history..GALVESTON in 1900..earthquake in 1906 SAN FRSNCISCO..EASTER TORNADOS IN 1913……..GIANT EFFECTS IN HISTORY …aoc wants money to rule and drive people like cattle……


  16. Maybe if we didn't Buble the population we wouldn't be having an issue with climate change, but hey keep your boarders open

  17. LMAO thats hilarious. So 93 trillion of our tax dollars will incite 4.2% of the worlds population to change the weather? ….we are only 4.2% This is the dumbest Crap I've ever heard. AOC is a complete moron.

  18. bite the bullet.

    That's some rational, balanced, educated advice about other peoples money their

  19. Has any one on this so called panel made a single suggestion on what should or could be done other than attack her. Is this the best Fox can do…. really. P.S Corporate American knew about the effects and causes of global warming 50 years ago and like with smoking has done every thing it can to deny. They aint going to come to the rescue any time soon. They are in the business of making money not saving people from their own dishonesty and denial !

  20. When she starts that head shaking crap I can't stand to listen to her .

  21. Studied economics? Can't decide if she is a complete imbecile or a manipulative thief. Watch 10 Myths About Government Debt on YouTube. Her nonsense will cause inflation that will reduce seniors and millennials savings by more than half. Just another government plan to steal a persons life savings, while providing nothing in return.

  22. A.o.c I'd like to hold your head under water you atheist scum bag

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