Tuesday , June 22 2021
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AOC suggests hearings over Robinhood's restrictions on GameStop, AMC purchases

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, and Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, both agree there should be hearings over Robinhood’s restrictions on Gamestop and AMC purchases. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Isn't AMC a CCP owned company?

  2. Now watch out she is saying republicans is trying to have her murdered who's next on their list, AOC is blaming Ted Cruz of trying to have her murdered when he was also in the same predicament as everyone else, the majority of the protesters were peaceful unlike the BLM riots, just more BS coming to try to segregate and split this country

  3. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AOC… Go back and crawl back in your congressional hole you waste. The last thing the common man needs is for congress "to save" him… Which ironically is like cutting off a foot to save the patient.
    When you haven't made noise in a little while and see that everyone else is getting the attention…….. Out pops AOC… Shouldn't you be worried about your safety from an insurrection or some other conspiracy theory like that….

  4. Just being "devils advocate" here but.. shouldn't people be investing thier hard earned money on companies with value?? Gamestock holds no value and is high risk for crash. We also know AOC holds this vendetta against billionaires for some reason. Hopefully she's not bringing these new investors down with her. She should be teaching young investors how to invest properly and safely if she's such a financial wiz. Not excusing what robinhood did id delete that hacked app.. still the stock market can provide so much more than just trying to "see billionaires cry" everyone can get wealthy without all this DISUNITY.

  5. LOL
    Fox didn't mention the full conversation between AOC and Cruz, not in this clip anyway

  6. If you actually believe in American values, you are a dangerous radical of some kind.

  7. Aww, poor rich people got out played and now they are complaining. Robinhood trying to steal from the poor and give to the rich. Lock them all up

  8. They don't want you to make money like they do then its criminal

  9. Does AOC realize what a joke she is to the nation she's like comic relief for all the rest of us we're all going through stressful time if we want a good laugh we just listen to AOC she's a very high paid comedian

  10. If AOC is for it, I’m generally against it. I am not a fan of this materialistic socialism.

  11. I swear if anyone ever says the word free market to me again I will deck them on the spot!

  12. Yeah I agree with the title she suggests. That's all she's good for suggesting and yelling, let's do this! But she never gets anything accomplished! She always backs down to Pelosi! I do not trust her, all she is is a showpiece doing lip service and play acting for the government!

  13. if that nutty woman wants to channel her efforts into tackling classism, the real issue in america, instead of scapegoating race and free speech like the rest of the left i'm ALL FOR IT.


  14. I don't agree with AOC about much but this one she hit out of the park someone don't go to jail over this we're all freaking doomed.

  15. I would think this is one thing both sides can agree on. And i have no liking for the left.

  16. Wall st. Robin all Americans?

  17. The Rich are above the Rules and Law!.and in other news.."..Water is Wet! "

  18. Fox at it again only giving out the parcel news

  19. AOC is radicalized as they come and honestly this stance she's taking seriously makes me wonder who's leading the charge in this incident.

    Yesterday Pelosi indicated she's into investigating the entire GME/AMC situation as its bankrupted many financial companies.

    I guess her backdoor donors lost a ton of money and are cashing in favors.

    When you enemy agrees with your personal stance on an issue you should scrutinize that persons comments even further because there's more in play.

  20. Why can’t the “little guy” make some money too? I bet Biden got his 10%

  21. All people in a stock market should be able to sell as much as they want whatever they want however they want

  22. Grab your daily dose of mind control propaganda news right here. China owns all our news sources! Wake up America!

  23. When AOC, Cruz and Trump Jr are in agreement.. something serious has occurred.

  24. Finally she speaks about something useful.

  25. Too bad she was such miserable c— when Ted Cruz agreed with her. She needs to leave her personal drama out of it.

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