Monday , November 23 2020
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AOC's poverty package that gives illegal immigrants access to medicaid

David Asman’s ‘Bulls and Bears’ panel discusses Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s new six-bill proposal to address poverty in the U.S.

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  1. AOC stands for always on crack 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. There is NO POVERTY in America! Jesus, drive down the streets in any Democrat-controlled city. Everybody is at least 50 pounds overweight!

  3. I guarantee you, they are not poorer than me. If there is a way for her spend Government money, she will find it. I would never leave my home, meaning The United States of America. I think they are running away.

  4. I don't have health care and I'm an American who has served his country and community… now this subversive whats to give "ILLEGALS" medicaid…. what about the Americans living in the streets, what about them? all I hear from liberal dems is the push for illegals, open boarders, free everything…. these crazies are not working for Americans, they are here to undermine our sovernty and brake us from within….. Thank GOD for TRUMP!!! the fight is on, Americans must take a strong stand against these traitorous radicals by voting them all out of office in 2020, Term limit now!

  5. why help our own people when we can help illegals? – AOC 2019

  6. I bet she was even a below average bartender!

  7. The four dingbats and a disgusting criminal president…..Such a sad state of affairs

  8. Are you kidding!!! AOC IS A POS, PERIOD. Along with the 3 other horsewomen.

  9. AOC makes the world go round. She is going to make America great again. And play the trumpet. Ha

  10. And when will this be passed? Oh yeah.. Just like the new green deal ..NEVER!

  11. Hold your horses…
    I understand the humanitarian help etc… , what they done to deserve it?!
    Yet I don’t understand why refugees and people with asylum have medicare?!!
    Why we have to pay for it?!

  12. We would all benefit from lower drug prices, more affordable childcare, increased wages…and the only thing we're focusing on is illegal immigrants ? C'mon this is psychological manipulation…

  13. If this wasnt on fox news would you believe these people? Lmao seriously if someone walked up to you on the street and told you A.O.C trying to cap rent… Would u be screaming or thinking about how much ur rent is?

  14. The Racist White-woman wants to Hijack the America’s but she does NOT want to work or have babies !

  15. She is using her freshman English essays as her roadmap for policies.

  16. She will self destruct after she gets voted out of office and be a afterthought with alot of debt.

  17. “PANDERING “ to her electorate. Period.

    Using taxpayer dollars.

  18. Hey folks,just a brief observation.Wasn't it AOC who was one of the big advocates for ANTI-GUN proposals.I actually didn't at first notice ,wasn't that AOC that was walking down a hallway escorted by TWO ARMED SECURITY GUARDS.The fact of the matter it's NOT just her it's all these self righteous politicians that employ private security, while attempting to leave the rest of the citizenry defenceless.Worse yet is these same lunatics want to flood the country with every third world poor refugee they can find,only to build THEIR VOTER BASE.

  19. Somebody needs to take her out.

  20. Aoc's thinks money grows on trees

  21. Kind of ironic that she is named after the Aztec Indians' Empire Murderer, when he (Hernan Cortez) conquered and built (with slave labor) what is now Mexico City, for Spain.

  22. I want to sue her that use my money give people break laws and come America. We don’t need congress anymore.

  23. F*** this b** giving the illegals money for Medicaid when people right here in the United States need the help f**** b**

  24. I only hope Fox News is still around after the fall of Donald Drump and the republicans so I can see the day they have to acknowledge President Alexandria Ocasio Cortez 😂

  25. I have a 12 year old grandchild that is smarter than that bug eyed demonic whiney little weezle.

  26. I was born in America and go to work 7 days a week, Do you know what I get for free ? NOT A DAM THING !

  27. AOC's latest blooper. She woke up this morning and walked with her own two feet. She's so stupid.

  28. Since AOC told me that it's okay to break the law, I will start stealing government property and selling it as scrap. No difference.

  29. Vote her OUT! She is making this too easy! Get out!!!!!!

  30. With your line of thinking, child molesters should be given the same right. You aid and abet criminals.

  31. Imagine calling yourself an adult, and not knowing what a garbage disposal is.

  32. She is only trying to ensure votes for herself from illegal border crossers families. She and her thinking is destruction to us all and I mean all. No one will want to come here if her ideas are implemented because America will collapse. Then again maybe that's what she wants so she will be a hero to some people.

  33. If she and her communist pals get their way they would turn the country into a giant Cat Box without the litter

  34. Aoc is nothing but a BIG FAIL!!

  35. Hell no ! Aoc needs deported ASAP

  36. *Undocumented immigrants, there is no such thing as a illegal person

  37. Out of ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID, this is the one they picked out. Seriously?

  38. AOC for President! Why? She knows everything! Don't believe me! Just ask her! 🇨🇦😀

  39. Assassinations are needed on a large scale. Too get America back to helping Americans

  40. This is by far THEFT !!! Because we THE MIDDLE CLASS will now have to pay for this.. Where is this money coming from? I'm so tired of this NUT !! We need to get rid of these people ASAP..

  41. Meanwhile I'm in n out of homeless shelters that staff are power hungry for authority to make my miserable life even worse. And the friggin illegals pour in and ate given priority treatment

  42. Who the hell is AOC working for?! Because it certainly isn’t us Americans.

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