Apple brings business back to the US

The company will purchase microchips produced at a new factory in Phoenix, Arizona.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. A whole total 100 people will be employed the rest robots

  2. IPhone costs go up 200%

  3. thanks, now new iphone gonna cost $6000

  4. If this was the case waaaaaay before now i would be a apple user by now

  5. Apple had choice. COVID disrupted supply lines, and inflation has made the cost of doing business in China too expensive. To make matters worse, there's now all this political unrest exploding over there, too. So, there's nothing to admire about this. Apple happily kept selling out the US, even when there were stories of Foxconn workers committing suicide. It's a company run by sociopaths.

  6. poor Phoenicians, will be slaved by apple corporation

  7. They’re doing that thing that trump said to do that your very network screamed was racist? 🤔

  8. America has(d) semiconductor factories. They moved overseas so they can pay the workers slave wages. Basically, American workers are too expensive. Better to have slaves make them and companies keep the profits.

  9. Lame. 2years down the road. Buzz words

  10. It's the 7th of December does that ring a bell to anybody?

  11. Get ready for $4k iPhones!

  12. Apple closing factories in China is good for Apple. Don't believe anything they say about humanitarianism.

  13. 2025 " our new iPhone 16 is yours at our new made in USA Price of $2000 with additional 30 mins battery life. This is our most powerful iPhone and we think you will really enjoy the repayment of it".

  14. Yeah, yeah. What about the Twitter dump? What about the MSM colluding with the DNC?

  15. iphones in 2025 $4500 lol

  16. Their zombie followers don't care

  17. This man is a money grabber he could care less about the American people or what is going on in this country as long as the money flows in he will do what he has to do

  18. This is disgusting, racist and xenophobic, why is it ok to take jobs away from low income minorities abroad? Apple better not hire a single white at this factory! We are watching you apple!

  19. Yeah apple shouldn't have left although it's cheaper to pay the Chinese then a country that still has human rights for now

  20. Apple never cares for American citizens

  21. 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠😎😎😎😎😎

  22. Hope yall ready for those iPhones you love so much to be over 3k

  23. Shout out to George Floyd on 926 days of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals! Where’s Jackie? 😮

  24. how about making life more convenient rather than making everything expensive af

  25. The government forces him. You should all see his face when Trump forced him to make Mac Pro on US soil a few years back.

  26. Does Phoenix have enough little children to run an Apple factory?

  27. I don't have an inner Mariah Carey. Can I channel my inner Jim Carrey?

  28. We Need R a n d. Paul & D e s.a.n.t I s to RUN . P R A.Y.

  29. Inner Mariah Carey?? We singing Christmas songs all year round??

  30. Apple only brings back chip manufactory bc they will receive billion dollars from the CHIP Act

  31. ABC has never looked so good 😍

  32. Where is the coverage of the Twitter files? Try and be journalist for once in your life instead of a mouthpiece for a political party

  33. After selling out Americans, I'm not giving them an award for being forced by Americans to come back to the US.

    Apple is just a really terrible company to begin with. Their products are merely overpriced variants of better ones their competitors sell.

  34. Not buying any of their overpriced garbage

  35. Twist: the Phoenix plant is only staffed with low wage Chinese labor 🤣

  36. 👆 – NЕW А DАТING ONLINE 🍒🍒d♂

  37. Apple gets a full advertisement while we don't hear anything about twitter