Tuesday , August 11 2020
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Apple fanatics gather for release of the new iPhone 11

FOX Business’ Susan Li reports from the re-opening of Apple’s New York City flagship store as fans eagerly await the release of the new iPhone 11.

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  1. Wow! so many rich people buy new iPhone with their credit cards.

  2. Well shite the apple stocks went down after the launch.. Hoping it will go up this monday as i traded $1000 on apple stocks instead of buying an iphone..

  3. I wonder if my parents stood in line for their house phone back in 1960?

  4. Lol watch the drones and NPC's gather.

  5. Skip all that and just pre order

  6. I would not stand in line for any product. Yes that includes I phone.

  7. Does apple recycle it's cellphones?

  8. I’ll call Apple for my Order!! No lines for me, since the Military!!

  9. Subscribe to poopadoopa gaming

  10. Hurry and get one before the tariffs hit ))) made in China btw )))

  11. … whilst Apple Corp keeps buying its own stock on the NASDAQ

  12. iSheep – typing from my iPhone X

  13. all this negative comments lol. u all wish u have it right now lol

  14. CrApple is part of da chinee gummint.

  15. wheres the line up for susan li…. dayyyyym

  16. It would be nice at some point if they can actually work on Siri vocabulary

  17. I am looking at SUCKERS hahahahaha The Tech companies have people BLINDED DUMB and BRAINLESS

  18. If you want the next iPhone now, buy an Android.

  19. Apple is now, and ways has been, overpriced crap. Those Apple fans are complete losers.

  20. 0:47 According to the President his name is "Tim Apple" everyone knows this!

  21. I phone Eleven still made in China. I bought the Samsung A6 for one hundred sixty bucks and able to do a lot of things. I will buy I phone when it truly made in the U.S.A certified.

  22. The Idrones out in full force.

  23. Pathetic.
    Not unlike The Jerk, when the new phonebooks arrived.


  25. Once upon a time, iPhone would on backorder for a month.

  26. WHAT …. Bloody Arrogant Big Mouthpieces,,,,
    These Bloody COWBOYS…

    My God

    And Bye

  27. As a PC lad, my reaction is… YAWN!

  28. I remember thinking $100 was too much for Apple stock.

  29. I wouldnt spend more than $100 on a new phone. Im no sucka

  30. I want Aiphone 11😂📱💨💨💨🦖💨💨

  31. Sheep. That Apple even poisoned its creator. It will turn on you as well

  32. Why pay 900 bucks for an i phone when you can buy somthing for 100 that does the same thing ?? These ppl are dumb !

  33. Apple: we have the Best new release.

    Samsung: Big Deal! We released something a lot better 6 months ago.🤣🤪

  34. apple is rotten to the core… they can go fornicate with themselves as any one who uses their products..

  35. So the company is buying their own product to manipulate the market, those who are lining up are apple employees😂😂😂

  36. LOL 1200 bucks for a phone that doesn't work properly and is outdated.. spies on you, records everything you say.. then the company sells that data to anyone who wants to pay… You are paying to get yourself bugged.. ah who am I kidding these people are perfectly and completely brainwashed.. bunch of mental midget sheeples ..Hilarious

  37. Sad and pathetic sheep.

  38. I’m 45 years old I’m glad I will not be around to see Americans that will give up there freedom for technology. This IPAD and old flip phone is all I will need. Technology is a blessing but humans have become dependent on it so much it’s scary.

  39. When Steve Jobs died so did Apple. This Cool ahole is your typical politically biased leftist big tech rat, more interested in leftist social/politics than the freaking products🏦🗳🐀🦅

  40. What's with all the hate? Apple is a great American company. Their products are best of class in every category — desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. If only every American company was this good. Now they just need to get their act together and bring their manufacturing back to the U.S.A. Just imagine "Made in USA" stamped on the back of every iPhone!

  41. ooh iPhone is so last decade

  42. I type on my last apple device, its all over, samsung next, dont look back people

  43. The Huawei mate 30 pro note ten plus and oneplus 7 pro destroys the new iphone.

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